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swimsuit for large thighs

Swimsuit For Large Thighs


It’s summer again! Yes, it’s time to get cool with rather cool swimsuit and bikinis. But hey, what is stopping you from getting into a trendy swimsuit? Bulging large thighs can be a big concern for you to get into a swimsuit, as you wouldn’t want to expose those sagging...

how to wear a strapless bra

How To Wear A Strapless Bra


What looks hotter on women than an open back or a bare shoulder top? Well, selecting just a sexy top won’t do, if you have regular strapped bras to wear under these tops. Imagine how weird it would look if your trendy top expose the straps of your bra! Here...

measure bustline

How To Measure Bust Line


Do you wear a correct-sized bra? Well, this question may appear weird to you, but answering this is nevertheless important. You may be surprised to know that about 80% of women do not wear the correct sized bra. Either they are not aware of the importance of it or simply...

how to lengthen bra straps

How To Lengthen A Bra Strap


Straps are important part of your bra — they not only hold the brassier in position, but also make you feel comfortable and secure. However, there are times when you might feel the strap biting into your skin or throttling your shoulder movement, making things highly uncomfortable for you. Tighter...

how to buy a valentine's lingerie

How To Buy Valentines Lingerie

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The romantic season is on and you don’t want to repeat the same red roses or over sentimental cards this time. Think about gifting your ‘inamorata’ with something really special in all sense that would really surprise her. Well, it would be an icing on the cake if you could...

fishnet stockings

Fishnet Stockings


The sexiest of all leg wears that provides perfect figure and style — fishnet stockings with a garter belt complete the punk fashion. This hosiery with diamond shaped openings and net-refinement, most often used as body stockings or tights are hot choice of Goth and punk fashion followers. It provides...

how to buy bridal lingerie

How To Buy A Bridal Lingerie


Your D-Day is right here and, as a bride-to-be, there are a million things that you would like to get right. From choosing the right ensemble to getting the perfect stilettos, there are umpteen things to choose and decide on. And it’s only likely that amidst all the hullaballoo, you...

how to choose minimizer bra

How To Choose A Minimizer Bra


Nothing can be more perturbing for a woman than overly large breasts that not only make the bust line look heavy, but also draw all the wrong attention, making one feel conscious and uncomfortable. On top of that, wearing fashionable necklines like Bateau, V-neck, and T-shirt neckline just worsens the...

how to buy a thong

How To Buy A Thong

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Be it a wonderful summer outing or intimate moments with your beau, thongs are the perfect choice to express the sexy side of you. This could be the reason why thongs have become a popular mainstay in every woman’s lingerie drawer. Once the demesne of exotic dancers, these soft and...

how to go bra less

How To Go Braless


When the mercury waxes and it is all muggy and hot outside, everyone wants to settle for bare minimum when it comes to clothing. And going braless definitely rules the trend! After all, what could be a better feeling than ditching the close fitting, pinching, underwire contraption and let your...