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how to wear fitted lingerie

How To Wear Fitted Lingerie


Would you rate going to the lingerie store at the top of the list or are you the ‘sometime later’ types who loves to dillydally when it comes to shopping for your underthings? Well, if you associate yourself with the second type, then this write-up should leave you feeling more...

how to wear triangle bikini

How To Wear A Triangle Bikini


Summer is right here and it’s time to gear up for some beach fun. But hey wait, do you plan to avoid the sea and the sun just because you aren’t amply endowed? Well, you may not have perfect bust like the beach models, but that shouldn’t hold you back...

how to keep bra straps up

How To Keep Bra Straps Up

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How embarrassing it is to see your bra strap pop out in a photograph? The very awkwardness of it is enough to make you go red on the face and run for covers. Accidental slippage is so common that most women don’t pay any heed to it at all. Nevertheless,...

buying a sports bra

Buying A Sports Bra


Make your workout sessions more fun, comfortable, rewarding and less awkward with smart yet stylish sports bra. Sports bra isn’t just cozy, but also offers a string of long-term health benefits. Plus, it helps wick away sweat, reduces bobbing of breasts, enhances your performance during workout and reduces the risk...

how to buy lingerie

How To Buy Lingerie


You are all set for the presentation. You have been preparing it for weeks now and finally it’s your turn to take the center stage. But hey wait, what is wrong with your gait? Is it that your thong straps biting deep into your skin or is the corset too...

how to determine bra size

How To Determine Bra Size


Are you the one who picks bras randomly from the ‘On sale’ part of your shopping center? Not wearing a good quality or the right size bra can leave ugly marks on your skin due to itching or sagging breasts. During your teen years, your mother must have constantly nagged...

choosing plus size lingerie

Choosing Plus Size Lingerie

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Lingerie is not just meant for the size-zeroes and the petites alone. Even plus-sized women can slip into one of these demure, dainty underthings and feel beautiful from within. Being plus-sized doesn’t mean that you restrict yourself from splurging into one of the most beautiful things in a woman’s wardrobe...

how to determine bikini size

How To Determine Bikini Size


Come summer and girls start hitting the racks to pick the perfect pair of swimsuits. However, sadly, not everyone can fit into a Gottex or a Red Carter. Reason, size, of course! When your bikini fails to fit you or make you feel comfortable, no matter however beautiful or expensive...