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how to resize bras

How To Resize Bras


A woman’s body undergoes rapid changes during her lifetime. Causes like weight loss, weight gain, and childbirth, etc. can be rightly attributed to these changes. However, upgrading your underthings to match your ever-changing contours could be an expensive bet. After all, it’s unreasonable to toss away your newly bought bra...

how to shop for teenager bra

How To Shop For A Teenager’s Bra


Going shopping for your daughter’s first bra could be a baffling experience for any mother, more so when you are overwhelmed by choices. However, having a fair idea about your daughter’s needs and preferences can bail you out. For the first timers, the mothers can start off by educating their...

how to wear a camisole

How To Wear A Camisole


This sleeveless undergarment is indeed a wardrobe staple for every woman, given its multipurpose usage options. This feminine garment extends up to the midriff, waist or to the hips. Camisoles are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, satin, silk, nylon and Lycra. Camisole is also called as...

how to pick a longline-bra

How To Pick A Longline Bra


A longline bra is a type of undergarment that covers most of your torso, just like a bodice. It’s a cross between your bra and a camisole. The various types of longline bras have varying lengths from the belly button until the hips. Wearing a longline bra gives you a...

how to wear a corset

How To Wear A Corset

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Women have been wearing corset from time immemorial. Corsets have been worn since the 15th century. Made from firm materials such as satin, brocade or cotton, these tight and robust tops embrace the torso from the hips up to the bosom. A correctly worn corset will make your waist smaller,...

bikini panties

Bikini Panties


Bikini panties are an indispensable part of every fun, fearless woman’s lingerie drawer. Whether it’s flaunting your new tan or just about parading out in the sun, nothing like bikini panties to swank your stuff. Bikini panties are unlike other bare essentials — they cover the genitals but don’t provide...

why to wear cotton nightgowns

Why To Wear Cotton Nightgown


There is nothing quite like slipping into a loose, airy, cozy cotton nightgown before dozing off to a different world after a long day. Cotton, the long-standing traditional textile is inarguably the most breathe-easy, comfortable, absorbent fabric that offers superior comfort. Sadly, not many people overlook cotton when picking a...

types of nightgowns

Types Of Nightgowns


For centuries now, women have been using nightgowns as nighttime apparel for good night sleep. Nightgowns have evolved from the heavy gowns and nightshirts to the more fashionable nightgowns, which are now used as sleepwear as well as casual loungewear. With the markets brimming with nightgown manufacturers, there is a...