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choosing plus size lingerie

Choosing Plus Size Lingerie


Lingerie is the vital component in magnifying the splendor of a woman’s wardrobe. Gone are the days when they were just used for comfort and were considered bed room apparels.They are now the preferent of fashionistas and women love to flaunt their sexy curves in lingerie. Previously it was restricted...

how to choose nightgowns

How To Choose Nightgowns


Who says that your boudoir dress have to be dull, modest, long and floaty with loads of fabric, lace and ruffles? Timeless elegance is one thing, but turning up in the bed wearing fleece pajamas or stiff corsets with scratchy laces would only leave you with sleepless and disquieting nights....

halter top dresses

Halter Top Dresses


Typically, ‘halter’ signifies a design comprising of the upper part of the dress with a flattering cut and an occasional dip in the neckline, just enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. A popular fashion among the women, a halter dress mainly constitutes of a top that fastens on the...

bikinis for different body types

Bikinis For Different Body Types


When you see your friends flaunting their curves or the glitterati posing for magazines in their skimpy little attires known as bikinis, don’t you feel an overwhelming urge to join the swarm of these modern fashionistas? Then what is it that holds you back? Well, if you are conscious about...

woman fashion sleepwear

Woman Fashion Sleepwear


Unless you are put up alone in your shack, you wouldn’t really like to turn up wearing the same old checkered pyjamas and tee to bed every night. That is so unwomanly! Imagine being invited to a friend’s place for a sleepover and you turn up wearing a ridiculously baggy...

characteristics of fine lingerie

Characteristics Of Fine Lingerie


There are certain key characteristics which define fine lingerie and set it apart from the others. With a flurry of new designers, the lingerie makers are putting more and more emphasis on these key aspects of fine lingerie in order to draw all the clientele. Though these are generally more...