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how to put on a bra

How To Put On A Bra


Wearing a bra correctly is surely easier said than done. Surprised! Well, if by wearing a bra you mean clasping the back strap under your bust and swivelling it round the back and pulling up the straps, you for one don’t know how to strap your bra correctly. But it...

silicone bras

Silicone Bra With Straps


Set aside all thoughts about rough bands and wires hurting your breasts or straps peeking out of your tube tops. This is the age of silicone bra, the softer, lighter version of the traditional bras that has brought about a revolution in the beauty industry — a change embraced by...

how to keep static off lingerie

How To Keep Static From Lingerie


Do sparks fly when your lingerie and your skin brush against each other? If yes, then know it’s not Cupid shooting love arrows, but the nasty doing of the trapped electricity between your skin and delicate fabric of the lingerie. Imagine wearing a lingerie that not only clings to your...

how to buy a gstring

How To Buy A G-String


Once a garment worn only by the exotic dancers, today G-strings have come a long way to become a popular lingerie choice for the average people. Not only women, but also mainstream men resort to this utterly fashionable and comfortable “jock” for sheer support. The fabric and the light material...

how to size panties

How To Size Panties


Stepping out in ill-fitting panties is no frisky fashion move! To be honest, nothing can be more miserable than holding on tightly to your sliding underwear or constantly fidgeting to adjust the band of your overly small panties. Wearing an ill-fitting panty is the worst wardrobe faux pas one can...

types of lingerie

Types Of Lingerie


It may sound a little too far-fetched, but lingerie does determine how a woman feels about herself — comfy, hot or just commonplace. Picking the right style and size that complements your mood and accentuates your curves can make all the difference in that case. The world of lingerie is...

how to buy lingerie online

How To Buy Lingerie Online


Gone are those days when you had to drive miles and queue up in front of the stores to pick a thing of your need. Thanks to advanced technology and booming e-commerce sites, today you are able to shop for things right within the comforts of your home with just...