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how to shop for brazilian bikini

How To Shop For A Brazilian Bikini


The Brazilian bikini is a bikini style, which originated in Brazil. Some might consider this style to be very skimpy and revealing while others consider the bikini style to give slightly more exposure, which adds to their sex appeal. Riding low on the hips, the Brazilian bikini accentuates the torso...

lingerie for older women

Lingerie For Older Women


Good lingerie has always been aimed at the younger and single woman as it has been considered that the sexual appeal is only for this lot. However, that is not how the French fashionistas think. Amongst the Europeans, a woman’s sexuality and appeal increases all the more as her age...

how to buy a strapless bra

How To Buy A Strapless Bra


A strapless bra is a complete necessity and you should have at least one in your wardrobe. While sporting a halter-top, a tube dress, or any other attire that runs the risk of revealing your bra straps, it is nicer to opt for a strapless bra, as there is nothing...

choosing the right bra size

Choosing The Right Size Bra


One wardrobe faux pas that most women unknowingly do is putting on the wrong-sized bra. While those with smaller breasts sub-consciously opt for bigger size, the ones who are amply endowed always tend to squeeze themselves into smaller cups. Result, wiggly or squashed breasts! Hence, it’s important to pick up...

how to buy a bra

How To Buy A Bra

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Selecting the right bra is the first step towards accepting and embracing your womanhood. Sadly, most women goof up when selecting one. Wearing the right bra not only prevent the straps from cutting your shoulder and save your breasts from spilling out or looking saggy, but also makes you appear...