Bikini Panties


bikini panties

Bikini panties are an indispensable part of every fun, fearless woman’s lingerie drawer. Whether it’s flaunting your new tan or just about parading out in the sun, nothing like bikini panties to swank your stuff. Bikini panties are unlike other bare essentials — they cover the genitals but don’t provide enough coverage or support to the hips and tummy. Bikini panties are low waist with very narrow area of fabric at the sides, which reduces the visibility of the panties and exposes more skin. It lies somewhere between a thong and the decently covered briefs. Bikini panties are classic yet sensuous and provide comfort to women who want minimum coverage. A bikini panty is made of two triangles — a small one in front and a bigger size at the back that rests comfortably on the hips. Bikini panties are very popular among young women who love to wear low-rise jeans as they eliminate all fear of a peep show of the panty waistband. Women’s lingerie market is always re-inventing and ever changing with latest styles, fashion and designs. You can categorize your bikini panties for different days, events and occasions. Read on to know more about bikini panties.

Styles Of Bikini Panties
The latest fad in bikini panties is the low-rise bikini panties. With a rise in the popularity for low-rise pants and jeans in the recent years, the demand for low-rise bikini panties has just shot up. Another type of bikini panties is the string bikini panties. The panties have strings that can be tied at a very low level or a bit high according to your need. They connect the front part to the back portion in a secure knot. The French bikini panties show a little more skin than the usual ones. They will rest just above your hips and are cut high on the legs. Most French bikini panties will have lace or silk waistbands. For the daring women, the Brazilian bikini panties are the way to go. This is very close to thong design with very low cut front and more skin show at the back. There also come with lace trimmings, small bows or other embellishments to make them more appropriate for those special intimate moments.

Fabrics For Bikini Panties
Cotton is the most comfortable and breathable fabric used for bikini panties. Since the panties are tight and close fitted, it is important to choose light-breathable fabric. Women who have sensitive skin can also opt for silk and satin bikini panties. These are more and require delicate handling. Other stretchy fabrics like polyester and synthetic are useful for women who do physical activity during the day. They tend to absorb sweat and moisture quickly. There are bikini panties available in lycra and nylon fabrics that are used by women who wear clingy or tight-fitting jeans to avoid visibility of the panty line. These fabrics are often enhanced with embroidery with colored threads. The fancier bikini panties have beautiful rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and flowers. Many bikini panties have a waistband made of stretch lace or sheer netted fittings.

Sizes And Fits Of Bikini Panties
Any bikini panty style will look good on you if you buy the correct size. Loose fitted and wrinkled bikini panties will not serve your purpose. It is also possible that different brands have different sizing measures. Branded bikini panties stores will have their own sizing charts ideal for different types of bikini panties. Always cross check with the size chart first and then try on a pair of bikini panties before you make the purchase. If you are shy to ask for the chart and try, then check online for these charts, measure yourself and determine your size before you go shopping for your bikini panty.

Bikini panties are suitable for different purposes — be it daily wear, office attire, strenuous physical exercise or for those precious intimate moments. Always remember that long-term usage of any type of very low-rise and high cut panties like G-strings, thongs, and French are bad for the entire genital and perianal area. So do not overlook your skin and health for styling and look. Choose comfortable yet flattering bikini panties. If the bikini panties are too small and tight, then you will be uncomfortable and restless all day long. You may also develop skin infections caused due to irritation and skin rashes. Make an informed choice about the fabric, style, fit and design of your bikini panties so that you can enjoy wearing them without any health concerns.