Bikinis For Different Body Types


bikinis for different body types

When you see your friends flaunting their curves or the glitterati posing for magazines in their skimpy little attires known as bikinis, don’t you feel an overwhelming urge to join the swarm of these modern fashionistas? Then what is it that holds you back? Well, if you are conscious about your big bust line or large thighs, then there is certainly hope for you. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of bikinis to flatter every body type. All you have to do is find the right one for yourself. Wearing the right style bikini for your body type will entirely change the way you look. Some silhouettes are designed so as to accentuate and flatter your best features and at the same time distract the eyes of the onlookers by drawing their attention away from the parts you would prefer rather not to flaunt. Therefore, choosing the right bikini is extremely crucial and this is where the article comes handy. Read this article as it delineates all the important details, which you must heed before making the choice.

Bikinis For Different Body Shapes

In this type of body, the bust is either equal or very nearly equal to the hips in width and has a much-defined waistline.

Bikini Tips For Hourglass Body Type

    • If you are looking for a bikini to best accentuate your figure, then a halter-top swimsuit is perhaps the best choice for you as it offers sufficient coverage for the large chest. The halter renders an extra support at the top. One more possible choice to flaunt your curves is a one piece that offers a good bust support and has a full back.
    • Those with a scraggy hourglass figure can also choose to wear the classic string bikini. However, those with larger busts must be cautious of skimpy triangle tops as they lack in support or coverage.
    • While wearing two pieces, avoid a color mismatch between the top and the bottom.

Triangular Body Shape
In the triangular body shape, the lower half is overweighed with more mass around the hips and thighs. Women with triangular body shape have larger hip dimensions as compared to their busts and have medium size waist.

Bikini Tips For Triangular Body Shape

    • If you are shy of flaunting your butt, then you may opt for a bikini with boy shorts to get a better coverage.
    • Choose proper color. Gaudy pattern will catch eyes whereas dark, solid colors would minimize attention. Therefore, buy a one-piece swimsuit that comprises of two solid colors, such as black at the bottom and blue at the top.
    • The strapless bandeau bikini is one great option, made precisely for the triangular body types. You may opt for an ultra-low cut or lean top too.
    • If you wish to accentuate your relatively smaller chest, then you may go for halter bikini tops or padded options. They will lend a few additional inches to your bust.

Inverted Triangle Body Type
A large chest, wide shoulders, and small hips characterize inverted triangle body shape. A woman with an inverted triangle body type commonly has a heavier top than bottom.

Bikini Tips For The Inverted Triangle Body Type

    • Never choose a strapless top as it neither flatters your figure nor does it provide enough support. Better, go for a thick strap top or an underwire or a halter shape bikini instead. They will certainly offer greater support.
    • If you are comfortable with mixing and matching colors, then you may opt for a bright or busy pattern bottom, and dark or solid colors at the top. It will offer a more poised and dignified look.
    • You must look for bikinis that are sold as separates as you might have to wear a bigger size up top as compared to the bottom.

Rectangular Body Type
The features of rectangular body shapes are strong and wide shoulders, proportional hips, and an absence of defined waist.

Bikini Tips For The Rectangular Body Type

    • You can get curves by adding ruffles or ties. You may even go for girly bow details and patterns to emphasize your hips and bust.
    • Go for bikinis with prints and patterns. The ones that belt at the waist will help you to create more curves. It will draw attention to your hips and bust and will certainly lend you a more balanced and shapely appearance.

Slim Or Athletic Body Type
Those with slim or athletic body shape have very little or no curves. They possess small bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage.

Bikini Tips For The Slim Or Athletic Body Type

    • Opt for solid colors.
    • Keep away from designs that are too detailed.

Irrespective of your physical features, you can look gorgeous and flaunt your assets in a bikini. However, making the right choice is of outmost importance. All the pros and cons of different body types have been described in the article with a few suggestions on dos and don’ts. Read the article and make a wise choice.