Choosing The Right Size Bra


choosing the right bra size

One wardrobe faux pas that most women unknowingly do is putting on the wrong-sized bra. While those with smaller breasts sub-consciously opt for bigger size, the ones who are amply endowed always tend to squeeze themselves into smaller cups. Result, wiggly or squashed breasts! Hence, it’s important to pick up a bra that not only fits you snugly, but also accentuates your curves. Wearing the correct sized and comfortable bra not only enhances your overall look, but is also important for the overall health of your breasts. It has been found out that about 80% of women are unaware of their correct bra size and hence, wear bras that aren’t really meant for them. Finding out the correct bra size is actually very simple. In addition, the wonders it can do to your body and confidence are beyond measure. So next time, when out shopping for bra, don’t just pick up any random pack of racks, but go for the one that fits you perfectly. These simple guidelines indited below should help you pick up this wardrobe essential.

How To Choose The Right Sized Bra
To find the right bra size, you need to consider two things — the band size and the cup size.

Measuring The Band Size
Using a measuring tape, just go under your breasts and around your waist, making sure the tape rests flat on the skin. Some band-size measurement techniques demand that you add 5 inches more to the measurement readings while some stick to the standard 2-3 inches. However, this depends on the type of bra too. If the bra has an elastic band, then you don’t need to add any inches to your measurement. Whatever the case may be, before determining your band size, you should confirm it by trying it on.

Measuring The Cup Size
Now using the tape again, measure the fullest part of your breasts with the tape going all the way round. Make sure the tape is absolutely parallel and you are not wearing a padded bra.

After you have taken these two measurements, you can calculate the bra size. Using the band size you calculated and the measurement of the cup size you took, find out the difference. This difference determines the size of your cup. The cup size increases for every inch of difference. The table below shows what cup size each difference measurement denotes.

  • 0 inches – 0.5 inch = AA
  • 0.5 inch – 1 inch = A
  • 1 inch – 2 inches = B
  • 2inches – 3 inches = C
  • 3 inches – 4 inches = D
  • 4 inches – 5 inches = DD
  • 5 inches – 6 inches = DDD
  • 6 inches – 7 inches = DDDD cup (or FF cup, or G cup)
  • 7 inches – 8 inches = GG cup (or H)
  • 8 inches – 9 inches = I cup
  • 9 inches – 10 inches = J cup

Therefore, a bra size of 34B determines that the band size is 34 and the cup size is B. These calculated measurements give you an idea of your bra size and the types of bra you should opt for. So always, be careful to go about the fit of the bra and not the numbers.

Tips On Choosing The Right Sized Bra

    • Some hints and signs on the fact that you are not wearing the right sized bra might help you make the switch soon.
    • Breast Spillage – No breast tissue should be left exposed or bulging out and the entire breast should be covered with the bra. If it is not, then you need to go for a bra with a bigger cup size.
    • Wrinkled Bras – If your bra is wrinkled or puckered, it is a sign that the bra is bigger than what you need and you should switch to a smaller cup size.
    • Bra Raising Up –If on raising the arms, the bra rides up, then something is wrong, as the band should stay firmly against the body. You can adjust the shoulder straps by loosening them or tightening the hook. If it still doesn’t work, then go for a bigger cup size.
    • Sore Shoulders – Women with larger breasts face the problem of the bra straps digging into the shoulders. This might be because the band size is a bit too big and the weight of the breasts is concentrated on the straps. You can fix this by opting for a bra with a smaller band size or with padded straps.
    • Demi Bra –The petite and small framed girls might face difficulty in finding the bra with the correct band size and cup size. The Demi style bra is an underwire bra with less wire length and great coverage. These bras go well for the woman with a petite frame.

These pointers should really help you select the bra that actually “owns you”, as this part of your wardrobe is something that shouldn’t be compromised on. To sum up, always pick a bra that not only covers you, but also makes you feel beautiful and confident from within.