Fishnet Stockings


fishnet stockings

The sexiest of all leg wears that provides perfect figure and style — fishnet stockings with a garter belt complete the punk fashion. This hosiery with diamond shaped openings and net-refinement, most often used as body stockings or tights are hot choice of Goth and punk fashion followers. It provides perfect shape by accentuating the leg muscles when worn under pants or skirts. You can also wear it solo, without hiding it under any garment, if you want to show-off. Undoubtedly, it is one of the sexiest undergarments one could have. Also, it applies grid on the body and helps define curves. This wonderful muscle toner is available in different colors and patterns. There are big and small nets as well for you to choose. Make it a part of your collection and wear it along with your matching lingerie set and corset to add some “oomph” to your boudoir dress. Read on to find tips on how to buy fishnet stockings.

Buying Tips

    • Fishnet stockings are available in a wide range of textures. You should look for the most comfortable fit and feel while buying one. Never pick up anything randomly, without trying it out.
    • Never get confused between pantyhose or stockings, be sure about what you want. Pantyhose are best worn with short skirts or with something clingy for a sizzling-hot look.
    • Price and durability are important factors to consider; good stuff may be expensive but if it is durable, better go for it.
    • Flair and subtlety cannot be overlooked whenever you choose good fishnet stockings.
    • It is up to you that how you want to use them. You may use it beneath pants just to have nice contour or you may even make a dramatic statement with it.

Maintenance Tips
It is better to hand wash the fishnet stockings or in general, hose and keep them in a lingerie bag.
Use a mesh lingerie bag to wash fishnet stockings. Dip this bag into a mild detergent solution and gently knead to clean. Squeeze out extra water. Rinse it again and roll it to drain out the extra water, hand dry.
Stockings stretch out and lose their firmness with usage. However, proper maintenance may minimize the wear and tear. Usually what happens with hose is that you pay for the comfort factor – the smooth texture and delicate weave rather than strength and durability. Hence, there are chances for timely snag, run and stretch.

General Considerations

Choose Appropriate Color
Fishnet stockings are available in a plethora of coloWhatever is recorded, the initial inscriptions about the place can be seen in rs. So you are free to choose from a variety of hues. However, the most popular color is black. If you intend to show off, then you may use bright color as well for eye-catching fashion statement. However, it may not be appropriate to wear a bright fishnet if you are attending any serious event. To get more appropriate look, you may choose dark or neutral shades such as brown, black etc.

Choose Your Mesh
You may know that the term mesh refers to the holes in the stockings. Mesh is the highlight of a fishnet that helps you get that “hot” look. There are fishnets with varying mesh size like small, large, etc. Generally, large-meshed fishnet stockings are not considered apt for a daytime wear. In that case, you can opt for small-net fishnet stockings.

Choose Appropriate Shoes
Though an important fashion statement, a small imbalance between two extremes may result in an overdone look. Hence, it is important to select the right accessories along with them. So, consider using a conservative shoe along with the fish stockings, especially during daytime. If you wear a fishnet stocking along with high heels, it may give out wrong impression about you.

Choose Appropriate Clothing
Use both your common sense and fashion sense to avoid inappropriate looks while wearing these stockings. It is better to opt for fishnet along with long pants to add style and texture to your feet, whenever you step into a conservative or formal atmosphere. If you opt to wear them with a skirt, go for a longer skirt that hangs down the knee. Fishnet stockings with short skirt may lead to misinterpretations about your outlook and intentions.

Coordinate Your Clothing
The more wisely you select your clothing, the more appealing the fishnet stockings would be. It is safer to opt for a monochromatic look rather than contrast combinations when you go for fishnet stockings i.e., combine black fishnet stocking with black skirt or pants rather than any other contrast color. This would provide you with a more elegant look. Make it perfect with a pair of closed toe shoe with a moderate heel. Fishnet stockings with a print fabric are not appreciated much.

Fishnet can double up as a trendy underwear as well as a fashionable outfit, if you want to show-off a bit. No matter how you choose to use it, consider the above tips for purchase, usage and maintenance.