Halter Top Dresses


halter top dresses

Typically, ‘halter’ signifies a design comprising of the upper part of the dress with a flattering cut and an occasional dip in the neckline, just enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. A popular fashion among the women, a halter dress mainly constitutes of a top that fastens on the back and the neck, leaving the back and arms bare. Halter can be found in a wide range of fabrics like satin, taffeta, chiffon, organza, tulle and even khadi. Even though, the fashion puritanical might prescribe halter dresses for those with large chests, yet it is worn and appreciated by women of all types of body shapes such as apple, pear, hourglass and tube. However, it must be retained in mind that as halter dresses accentuate the face, neck, shoulders and the bosom, it is extremely crucial to figure out the exact dimensions before purchasing a halter dress for a better fitting. The article below delineates the nitty-gritty of halter-top dresses.

Types Of Halter Top Dresses
The greatest feature of a halter-top dress is its versatility. Apart from the plethora of options regarding hues, colors and fabrics, halter dresses can be worn in myriad style such as short mini styles, the long maxi outfits and many more customized occasion befitting styles. For instance, halter dresses are available in wide range of patterns like white lace halter, A-line, padded halter, eyelet weave halter dress, summer halter neckline, thin spaghetti straps, high waistline, deep neckline halter, faux wrap style, cowl neckline halter, string halter dress, back zip-and hook, behind-the neck tie closure etc. However, the length of a halter dress can be decided depending upon the occasion.

Features Of Halter Top Dresses

    • Halter dresses are particularly helpful for diminutive women who wish to appear taller.
    • If you have ample bosom, halter dress with substantial straps is perhaps the best choice for you, as it flatters the bust and renders a more fashionable look.
    • For those with small busts, a halter dress with a low neckline is the perfect choice, as it helps to accentuate the cleavage.
    • A halter-top dress is also great for those with heavy hips and heavy legs as they drive the attention away from these areas. Better, go for an ‘A-line’ halter dress if you want to acquire more curvaceous look.
    • High neck halter dresses also befit those who have long necks.
    • While short length halter dress render a more elegant and chic look, a maxi-halter dress imparts a classy look during the summer evenings.

How To Choose A Halter Top Dress

    • First, analyze your body type. Even though most of the halters are more or less the same, yet a little variation in the strap width can yield a great difference. For instance, for stockier people, it is better to wear thicker straps whereas people with smaller frame can get away with smaller straps.
    • You must keep in mind that bottom of your halter dress complements the top. The skirt has to be at least knee length and pulled away from your body. As halter is a bit more revealing on top, you must make sure that it is less revealing at the bottom.
    • Choose your undergarments cautiously. A strapless bra is perfectly suitable for any halter dress, but those with adjustable straps might work as well. However, you may also opt for stick-on foam cups if the dress is very low cut or has a low back.
    • You may also improvise by adding accessories. To complement the style you can go for bright handbag and shoes, which look particularly good with dark, solid halter dresses. You may also choose earrings for a fuller appearance. Better not to wear necklaces. They do not go well with a halter dress because the shape of the straps is already there to draw attention to your chest and face, which also is the purpose of a necklace. However, a bracelet that matches with your earrings won’t be a bad idea.

Halter Top Dresses For Some Special Occasions

Halter Prom Dress
Prom is of great significance to a teenage girl. Nevertheless, before plunging into a shopping spree, it is advisable to figure out styles, which befits your body type. Give a try prior to picking up one and see whether it boosts your personality or not.

Halter Wedding Dress
Your wedding is one occasion when all eyes will be fixed on you. Hence, your wedding dress has to be comfortable, dazzling, and classic and must make you look like a princess. First, contemplate and then decide what type of halter-top will suit your body type. A flamboyant white or ivory halter wedding dress is the best choice of brides as it accentuates the feminine beauty. Halter tea length wedding dress, the halter mermaid wedding dress, halter beach wedding dress made of satin, silk, chiffon or lace, satin with chiffon overlay etc. are also the options as all of them are certain to render an elegant and enticing look befitting a bride.

This detailed information of halter top dresses will help you make the right pick next time when you go for shopping.