How To Buy A Bra


how to buy a bra

Selecting the right bra is the first step towards accepting and embracing your womanhood. Sadly, most women goof up when selecting one. Wearing the right bra not only prevent the straps from cutting your shoulder and save your breasts from spilling out or looking saggy, but also makes you appear 10 pounds lighter and flatters your overall structure. Furthermore, apart from adding poise and making you feel beautiful from within, a right bra also boosts your breast health manifold. A wrong size bra that fits poorly can cause back problems, tension in the neck and shoulder muscles and also trigger headaches. At times, the posture and back pain problem could turn out to be a life-long hassle. Hence, taking the proper measurements and considering the right size and fit when buying a bra is very important. Go through some of the pointers on how to buy bras and grace yourself with perfect breasts.

Tips On Buying The Right Bra

Figuring Out The Size
It is important to find out your exact bra size before you fit yourself into one. A woman’s body undergoes many changes and breasts are no different. From teenage to middle age, the breast grows in size and changes in shape several times. Therefore, you need to upgrade your bras often for the perfect fit and feel. So go ahead and measure your bra size just by following these few simple steps:

    • Using a measuring tape, measure the diameter of your torso, under the breasts. Add 5 inches more to the measurement you get to figure out the right band size of your bra.
    • Then measure the fullest part of the breasts, around the torso again by using a measuring tape.
    • Subtract the band size measurement you get from the measurement of the fullest part of the breasts. The difference you get corresponds to the cup size.
      • 0 inches – 0.5 inch, then AA cup
      • 0.5 inch – 1 inch, then A cup
      • 1 inch – 2 inches, then B cup
      • 2 inches – 3 inches, then C cup
      • 3 inches – 4 inches, then D cup
      • 4 inches – 5 inches, then DD cup
      • 5 inches – 6 inches, then DDD cup
      • 6 inches – 7 inches, then DDDD cup (or FF cup, or G cup)
      • 7 inches – 8 inches, then GG cup (or H)
      • 8 inches – 9 inches, then I cup
      • 9 inches – 10 inches, then J cup

However, the cup size depends on the brand and style of the bra also. Hence, you need to be careful when picking one.

Choosing The Style Of Bra
Choosing the right bra is very important. Every dress needs a different kind of bra to complement it. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a lacy bra under a tight t-shirt or a strapped bra under a tube dress.
Balcony Bra: Woman with proportionately small busts should opt for this bra as it helps to shape and uplift the breasts.
Convertible Bra: The convertible bra comes with removable straps and you can wear it stylishly under any kind of dress. You can wear it strapless, criss cross the straps, use one strap for the halter look, or just keep the straps in a vertical position.
Minimizer: If your breasts are comparatively much larger, then this bra helps to reduce the size of your busts by a cup size.
Push Up: To push your breasts upwards and have a much prominent cleavage, the push up bras are great. They also add a lot of extra support to the breasts with the angling cups.
Sports Bra: It’s vital to wear a sports bra while you are exercising as they provide support and prevent the breast muscles from moving too much while exercising.
Demi Bra: The demi bra is specially designed for the petite woman with shorter under wires to avoid poking under the arm pit. This bra offers full cup and covers around ¾ of the breast, perfect for the woman with a smaller stature.

After you have decided what size and style you want your bra to be, you should decide where exactly to buy it. If the bra is of a size and style that is hard to find, then a specialty store for bras could help you pick the right bra. However, if it’s of a standard size and a simple style, then you will be able to buy them from malls or any regular store. With these simple guidelines, getting the perfect bra won’t be difficult at all. So, make sure you pick the right one to complement your look and take care of your health.