How To Buy A Bridal Lingerie


how to buy bridal lingerie

Your D-Day is right here and, as a bride-to-be, there are a million things that you would like to get right. From choosing the right ensemble to getting the perfect stilettos, there are umpteen things to choose and decide on. And it’s only likely that amidst all the hullaballoo, you are likely to miss out on one of the most important parts of your bridal attire — the lingerie. It is important to wear good lingerie under your trousseau. Doing so won’t just enhance your figure and provide support underneath your dress, but also make you feel more desirable, elegant, and sensual. A wrong choice could spoil your day and make you conscious on the dance floor or throughout dining or even while posing for those “ever-sweet” pictures. This would mercilessly water down the entire effort you put into planning and executing your ‘looks’ for this special day. Considering the importance it carries, bridal lingerie has become a separate domain. You have lingerie to complement different body types, gown silhouette and shape your body. Read on to know everything to consider when you buy bridal lingerie.

Selecting A Wedding Lingerie
Your bridal dress should be a reflection of your personality and so is your bridal lingerie. You should select the one that suits your body as well as your wedding trousseau. Remember you are the focus of many lenses on this special day and you wouldn’t want to spoil it with a peek-a-boo bra strap or ill-fitting corset. Hence, selecting the perfect lingerie is very important.

What You Should Go For

Bra is an important part of wedding lingerie—it holds your bosoms in shape and provides great support to them. There are different types of bras available, depending on the type of wedding gown. It could vary between the regular one to padded one to strapless to adhesive and many more. You may contour your bosoms as well — make it appear fuller with the help of padded bras or reduce the size with minimize ones or even push-up it’s “oomph” quotient by making the cleavage prominent with push-up bras. Built in bras are also increasingly becoming popular. Remember, whatever you choose, comfort should be your priority.

This lingerie would help you look skinnier on this day, if you feel you should. These undergarments can contour your body, minimizing not only bosoms, but also your waist and thighs. Slimmer are available in different types and you can select the one that suits your requirement. Whether you want to minimize your waist and bosoms or shape lower part of your body, you have a variety of slimmer to choose from.

For that extra comfort and sex appeal, you need to select good panties as well. While selecting panties, you should be careful about the size and material. Stick on to your regular size and do not attempt anything tighter, as it may cause tremendous discomfort and spoil your celebrations.

It is not a bad idea to wear hosiery below your wedding gown if you want to. However, it is better to avoid it if you have never tried one before or found it to be uncomfortable.

Garter Belt
If you want something sexier than hosiery, you may opt for fancy garter belt with hooks to hold up thigh-high hose.

Bustier is an excellent choice to maintain overall body shape along with deriving good support. It could be worn under the wedding gown to get double-benefit of good shape and excellent support. There are different types of bustier available in the lingerie stores. You should select the one that goes along well with your wedding gown, both in terms of pattern and colour. Also, it should fit you correctly.


    • You should not wait until the last minute to get into the lingerie. Test it before, if possible, with the trousseau so that you can ensure that you will be comfortable in it. A last minute get-in will eliminate the chance to replace it with another pair, if you find it uncomfortable to wear.
    • It is better that you purchase your wedding trousseau first and then go for suitable lingerie because it is your outfit that decides how your lingerie should be — strapless adhesive, push-up or something else. This is very important to maintain comfort throughout the ceremony, so that you can enjoy every moment of the day with pleasure rather than undergoing strains with ill-fit lingerie.
    • You should be sure about the size of the lingerie you select. You can make a random purchase so that you can be sure about what size you should go for, rather than selecting the wedding lingerie and check the size.

Wedding lingerie is not just any lingerie; it is one of the styling factors behind a gorgeous wedding trousseau. A wrong selection could take off all the fun and pleasure of the wedding whereas a correct fit lingerie will help you look and feel good on the most important and special day of your life. So, consider the tips before purchasing wedding lingerie so that you can enjoy this special day to its maximum.