How To Buy A G-String


how to buy a gstring

Once a garment worn only by the exotic dancers, today G-strings have come a long way to become a popular lingerie choice for the average people. Not only women, but also mainstream men resort to this utterly fashionable and comfortable “jock” for sheer support. The fabric and the light material generate a feeling of ‘nothingness’ as well as promises great comfort. Irrespective of form or function, they form the mainstay of every woman’s lingerie drawer. A special type of underwear, they ride high on hips and leave the bottom completely exposed. Jokingly referred as ‘butt floss’, G-strings are deemed as a silly undergarment choice for daily wear as they offer very little coverage. However, these itty-bitty panties tot up as a great choice when it comes to avoiding those panty lines, making a fashion statement underneath low-rise jeans or fancying up your lingerie set. Whatever may be your reason behind wearing a G-string, knowing a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying them will help you make a safe, perfect pick.

Buying A G-String Bikini

    • Measure the size of your G-string to get the correct size. As in the case of regular underwear, G-strings come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. You must stick to the same measurements for a high-cut pair of underwear.
    • Before choosing a G-string for yourself, estimate the width of your hips. To get the hip measurement of 34 to 36 inches, you must buy a small G-string whereas for the measurement of 39 to 41 inches, you must purchase a larger size. If your hip size falls in between, you need to opt for a medium size.
    • Be updated about the material, which is used for G-string underwear. Some fabrics would be looser than other styles that include Spandex and Lycra. You can seek the help of the person in the department store or the customer service administrator of the online site to know the way the fit of G-string runs.
    • Analyse the outfit, which you want to wear under G-string. If you are not comfortable with panty lines, opt for a G-string having a few embellishments on the top of the back as possible. Materials such as cotton, silk and nylon gives smooth protection.
    • Visit the lingerie section of your favourite department store to get a designer G-string. You can also get these stringy sensations from online websites, boutiques, mail-order catalogues and sexy lingerie magazines. Most of the discount retail chains carry a wide range of G-strings, lingerie, thongs and bikini swimwear.
    • Shop for a G-string depending on your lifestyle and the activities you perform. If you are a person who prefer a vigorous lifestyle that includes athletics and hobbies like sunbathing, the G-string selection must fit in with the day.
    • Ensure you wear a G-string that suits sports activities. A thong style undergarment will make you more flexible during your body movements. The thong’s shape with its wide fabric along the back portion provides comfort and accommodates you seamlessly.
    • Choose a G-string, which suits your body type and sensitivity of the skin. These G-strings ensures that you are still placed in your comfort zone. Coming in a variety of blends, a fabric that is 100 percent cotton suits those who have sensitive skin. Do remember that some polyester fabrics can cause itching and blotching.
    • If you want a G-string for your romantic evening, choose something that complements your dress. You will also find a variety of thongs that shields your private areas while highlighting your hips, buttocks and thighs. Ensure you avoid some goofy designs worn by entertainers, which come in the form of shiny and animal inspired prints.
    • If you wish to have a G-string swimwear, decide on a G-string bathing suit. To get the best fit, you can buy the same size, which you would do for everyday briefs. It is good to stick with solid colours, which you would get in plenty in online niche sites and mail order companies.

G-strings form the favourite lingerie for people, irrespective of age and gender. So, get ready to fill your wardrobe with a G-string!