How To Buy A Strapless Bra


how to buy a strapless bra

A strapless bra is a complete necessity and you should have at least one in your wardrobe. While sporting a halter-top, a tube dress, or any other attire that runs the risk of revealing your bra straps, it is nicer to opt for a strapless bra, as there is nothing stylish about sporting worn-out, scraggy, dirty bra straps over an off-shoulder dress. However, buying and wearing a strapless bra is a tricky bet. Getting the right fit and support to save yourself from any embarrassment should be your prime focus while opting for one. It is not that difficult to pick up a strapless bra that fits you well. Knowing your size well and going for known brand will give you the best deal. However, you really need to keep some things in mind while selecting a strapless bra to ensure that it doesn’t falter and fall down. So, go through these pointers listed below and wear your halters, tubes, tanks, and strapless dresses with great confidence and support.

Strapless Bra Buying Guide
You should bear certain things in mind while selecting a strapless bra. It might seem like a task, but with a little know-how and patience, you can find that one strapless bra that would perfectly flatter your silhouette and enhance the look of your attire completely.

Choosing The Size
The first step to buying a strapless bra or any bra in fact is getting to know your starting approximate size. As the strapless bra doesn’t have any straps, the band is the only source of support. Hence, it’s important that the band fit snugly around the ribcage. You can take the measurements on your own or get a professional to help you out. The band size of a strapless bar will be smaller than the regular bras and the cup size will also be bigger in order to accommodate the fullness of the breasts.

Recommended Brands
When you buy a strapless bra, it is safest to buy the recommended brands. With known brands, you will know what to expect and investing a bit more is totally worth it, as you don’t want to put your assets at stake.

A Rubber Inside
If you want your strapless bra to fit perfectly, you should look for one with a rubber inside. The rubber, which is soft and malleable, should cover the cups completely. It is very important if you want your bra to fit well.

Avoid Soft And Seamless Bras
The soft and seamless bras don’t really provide any support, but they just cover it up and make the busts seem like a uni-breast cut into half. The bandeau bra is an example of the soft and seamless bra that provides no real support. So always, go for the underwire bra that gives a better uplift and holds the breasts well.

Bra Adhesives
You can get some bra adhesive to be on the safe side. The strapless bra might be a good fit, but you never know what the coming hours have to offer. The bra adhesive adds extra security without you having to worry much about the consequences of the dress you are wearing.

Choosing The Color
You usually go for a strapless bra if you are going to wear a tank, a halter, a tube dress or something off the shoulder. So keep the color of the bra also in mind, as you don’t want a purple bra sneaking out from a white dress. Going for a nude color is the best option if you wear such attires often. However, it’s always fun to have a colorful and interesting lingerie collection.

The Convertible
If you only need the strapless bra for a particular occasion and you don’t think you are going to wear it anytime soon again, you can go for the convertible bra. The convertible bras have loops so that you attach and wear it with straps, attach one strap for a halter bra effect, or even crisscross the straps. Theses straps are easily removable giving you a lot of options.

Try It On
Once you pick up a bra, you should try it on. Stretch and bend over while wearing the bra. Stretch your arms upwards and do the bounce test. You don’t want your breasts to pop out from the top of the bra and also make sure that the breasts are fully enclosed in the cups and don’t budge. Trying a bra on takes time, but it is worth the effort. If you are buying a strapless bra for the first time, it’s best you shop in person. However, once you know the size and style, you can go for online shopping.

So it’s not difficult selecting a strapless bra and avoiding the unflattering “wardrobe malfunction”. A good size and try on means you can sport the perfect strapless bra to give you the fit under the garment, which could make a lot of difference.