How To Buy A Thong


how to buy a thong

Be it a wonderful summer outing or intimate moments with your beau, thongs are the perfect choice to express the sexy side of you. This could be the reason why thongs have become a popular mainstay in every woman’s lingerie drawer. Once the demesne of exotic dancers, these soft and skimpy panties have now found their place in the lingerie collection of many. In a society regulated by tight social constrains, it would raise quite a few eyebrows to see someone roam around in thongs. However, that should not stop you from adding some of these skimpy panties to your collection. You can get thongs from department stores or lingerie shops, but be judicious while selecting them because slipping into a wrong thong might just spoil the moment for you and leave you with unwanted cuts and bruises. Getting a perfect thong depends upon your consideration and prioritization and hence, it is better to gather some information before stepping into a lingerie shop. This article will help you with understanding the nitty-gritty’s of the thong and help you make the right pick.

Buying A Thong Bikini

Understand Purpose
Before jumping to a decision, you should consider the purpose of thong panties. Thongs are not just like usual panties, they are associated with more intense purposes. Thongs could benefit the following scenes:

    • To avoid panty lines beneath close-fitting apparels
    • To form sexy lingerie set with a decorative bra
    • To make a sheer fashion statement beneath low-rise jeans
    • To spice up your love life

The Fit
You should find your correct fit before picking up a thong. Unlike other panties, thongs need to be of exact size to serve the purpose. A tight thong could make you uncomfortable and irritated and can also affect the blood circulation. Needless to say that a loose thong can create nothing but embarrassment.

The Type
Thongs are of different types. Selection should be made based on the purpose rather than styles and fancy patterns. Have a look at the types to get an idea about which type of thong is best for you.
G-String: You should be brave to wear a G-string, as it is just a little more than the pelvic triangle with a thin string around the hip to hold it in place. It is very revealing and is famously nicknamed as “butt floss”. This is the perfect one if you want to express yourself as bold and sexy lady. Needless to say, that you should have a slim and trim body to wear a G-string thong.
T-Back: The name is derived from its design, which forms a T on the back. With side straps stretch across the top of the buttocks, T-Back provides more coverage than a G-String. Again, this is a wonderful choice for a summer beach outing. Also, spice up your bedroom appearance.
Tanga: This provides more coverage than other types, but exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks. This is a wonderful choice for a tight skirt or pants

The Fabric
Fabric is an important comfort factor. Selection of fabric should be based on your usage. Cotton would be comfortable if you use thongs on a daily basis, as it is highly breathable. Also, it reduces the risk of infection. Cotton and spandex blends are also suggestible for daily use. Cotton and Lycra blends, nylon and spandex microfiber, silk knits, mesh, etc. could be a good choice for seaside leisure or a swim. Lace is highly ornamental, but notoriously itchy and hence, not suggested for a comfortable outing. However, laces and silk could be a good choice to turn on the heat in the bedroom. Lycra and thin cotton are the best choice to wear under tight outfits.

The Pattern
Ornamented and laced thongs are best worn alone while simple thongs can be worn under any dress. Consider the pattern when you pick up the thongs – think how you plan to wear it. If this is your first attempt, it would be thoughtful to pick up neutral colors that go along well with your wardrobe. Wearing pink thongs under white skirt will not look good.

Where To Buy
Thong panties are available in almost all department stores where panties and other lingerie are available. If you want to go for branded lingerie, then Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Lovable, etc. would provide you with bolder selections. There are many online shopping sites where you can purchase thongs.


    • G-strings and others thong patterns with minimum frontal coverage may require a close shave or Brazilian wax to be at the best.
    • Thongs may cause rashes, which in turn may lead to fungal infections, and hence thongs are not recommended while sleeping.
    • Do not believe the picture blindly and pick up your thong. Not every thong may fit on you and so, it is better to try out the pattern to make sure it fits you and your purpose. Considering this, online shopping is less preferred to window-shopping.
    • G-Strings and Tangas are best bids for all-day use as they are comfortable to wear.
    • T-backs can be used under tight-fits, to eliminate panty lines. Also, it is better to get used to thongs, if you are a first-time user.

So, this is how you can go about purchasing the perfect thong for you. These considerations are important because, even a minor mistake can make it a disaster