How To Buy Lingerie


how to buy lingerie

You are all set for the presentation. You have been preparing it for weeks now and finally it’s your turn to take the center stage. But hey wait, what is wrong with your gait? Is it that your thong straps biting deep into your skin or is the corset too tight for you to even breathe? Ill fitted lingerie not only cramps your style, but also compromises on your comfort level and hence, is a complete no-no. It’s important to pick a size that fits like a glove, or else the uneasiness will show through. Your bra should fit you snugly. Squeezing yourself into a smaller size might feed your vanity, but will surely make you look bloated and pumped up. Make sure that your lingerie band doesn’t ride up you back or go up when you raise your arm. Picking up lingerie casually is a sin. It’s one thing that needs enough consideration. You have to spare some time in buying it so that you aren’t stuck with any discomfort later. Also, you need to have a clear idea about your size and style rather than ending up in a lingerie store and randomly picking up anything that catches your fancy. Scroll down to explore a gamut of tips that should help you make the right pick.

Fit Matters, Not Size!
Nothing can be more unflattering than lingerie that doesn’t do justice to your dimensions. A good thumb rule is that if it doesn’t fit, ditch it! Finding the right fit forms the base of your lingerie hunt. And you can’t really pick one just based on assumptions. A well-fitted lingerie not only enhances your curves and contours, but also makes you feel comfortable and confident from within. Remember, size often varies from brand to brand. Hence, it’s the fit and not the size that you should focus on while fitting into a lingerie.

What’s Your Style
Even before you head to a lingerie store and pick a frilly, satiny, blatantly feminine lingerie, it is important to find a style that suits you the best. With a variety of style and fabric to choose form, it’s normal to feel a little lost when buying a lingerie. However, it’s best to buy something that flatters your body as well as makes you feel utterly comfortable. Based on whether you like the sophisticated or the feminine designs, you can make your choice by opting for prints and style that clearly define you.

Don’t Rush At The Last Hour
Shopping in a hurry will not help you in any way. Spare some time and look through all the possible options so that you can make the right pick. Take out ample time to research about the size and the style. Don’t opt for a box of lingerie which says ‘one size fits all’, as it will surely turn out to be a disaster for you. If you are lazy to go about it, remember that the effort, which you put in while purchasing lingerie, will not go unrewarded. In case, you have to do lingerie shopping, make sure you plan your time accordingly and don’t rush through it.

Shopping Online
While most of the plus sized women wish to shop online, know that it’s too fraught with shortcomings. Shopping online could get you the desired style or the brand, but how do you find the perfect fit? In that case, knowing your size will surely help.

Certain Do’s And Don’ts Before Buying Lingerie

    • You might seem to get attracted to lingerie with ornaments, frills or slogans printed on them. Do not buy them, as they are not suitable for daily wear.
    • You can seek help from the sales person and interact with them as well to ensure that the ideas of the type of lingerie you are looking for is perfectly perceived.
    • Don’t hesitate to pay for good quality lingerie as it is surely worth the investment.

Buying lingerie is much more than just picking the first one that catches your fancy. Having perfect sized lingerie is the indication that you feel good from inside and are confident. This article will surely sail you through the nitty-gritty’s of finding the perfect lingerie.