How To Buy Valentines Lingerie


how to buy a valentine's lingerie

The romantic season is on and you don’t want to repeat the same red roses or over sentimental cards this time. Think about gifting your ‘inamorata’ with something really special in all sense that would really surprise her. Well, it would be an icing on the cake if you could find out something that could revert you with the same pleasure that she feels. Yes, the pointer moves towards nothing but hot and sexy lingerie! The idea to gift lingerie is as tricky as the excitement it would provide. Women are very particular about certain things, especially something like lingerie that reveals her. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting Valentine’s Day lingerie. It should be comfortable, appealing and most importantly, it should be of her type. Learn more about how to select the best-ever gift for your sweetheart and make this special day even more special!

Buying Valentines Lingerie

Should I Buy Lingerie As Valentine’s Day Gift?
Answer to this question clearly depends upon the intensity of your relationship with your girlfriend and how well you both understand each other. If you share an excellent bonhomie with your girlfriend, so much so that she can read your every gesture, then gifting a racy lingerie would further spice up your V-day romance. However, if she happens to be the “buttoned-down” types, then gifting lingerie could be disastrous. Also, if you just got hooked up and don’t know her too well, then it would do you good to hold your reigns and save the naughty box of lingerie for next year. You never know how she might react to it. If you are married, then there is not much to think about. You cannot get any better Valentines’ Day gift than this.

How To Decide Size?
If you have been in a relationship for quite some time and discuss just about everything under the sun with your partner, then why take a chance? Go and ask her the size directly; don’t think that it will spoil the surprise. You can still surprise your sweetheart with different patterns, designs, textures that will just blow her mind away. If you live together, then you may even get the size without her knowledge. Just inspect her drawer and get the size! However, there is a little risk involved in this. If you are caught red-handed, then you will have no other way but to let the surprise out. Also, you may come across more than one size, depending upon the pattern, which can further baffle you. However, if you are not so particular about the size or aren’t too comfortable asking about it, then you may go for some free flowing patterns like negligees or nightgowns where you don’t have to worry about the fit.

What Should You Select

    • It is not difficult to find the perfect lingerie for your girl if you know her and know what looks good on her. Once again, you should consider the intensity of the relationship and nature of your partner.
    • If you are still expecting those intense moments and are going through a stage of anxiety and intense passion, then it is better to opt for something classic that provides excitement and comfort at the same time. Crazy patterns may not be so comfortable.
    • If you have been through some intense moments before, then you may try to experiment with the patterns, you might be able to know her well by now and if confident you could go for crazy and hot patterns.
    • If both of you have been together for a considerable span of time but feel that intensity of passion has slackened by work, responsibilities and life, then what better way to rekindle your lost romance than with a classic lingerie.

Other Considerations
There are many things to consider when you pick up lingerie for your girlfriend, especially on an occasion like this.

    • Style: You should be clear about the likes and dislikes of your partner. Do not attempt for anything crazy if you are at the initial stage of relationship. You should consider your partner’s choice and comfort level before picking up anything that fancies you and insisting your partner to get into it. This may make your partner uncomfortable and also, may result in unwanted strain in the relationship.
    • Color: There are some popular lingerie colors you can blindly go for — red and black are among them. If you want to experiment with new colors like pink or yellow or even some bright colors like orange, you are free to pick it up but again, check whether it suits your partner’s likes because that is very important.
    • Cost: Lingerie is available in a wide range of costs, from cheaper to expensive sets depending upon the pattern and materials used. Even though your partner likes high quality stuff, you may not go extravagant. You may get quality stuff in comparatively cheaper rates. However, if you find a particular pattern very interesting, just go for it. After all, what could compensate the precious moment awaiting you.

So what are you waiting for? Get a hot set of lingerie and gift it to your love on this Valentine’s Day. Let the emotions out and enjoy the most memorable moments of your life. Wish you the most memorable Valentine’s Day.