How To Choose A Minimizer Bra


how to choose minimizer bra

Nothing can be more perturbing for a woman than overly large breasts that not only make the bust line look heavy, but also draw all the wrong attention, making one feel conscious and uncomfortable. On top of that, wearing fashionable necklines like Bateau, V-neck, and T-shirt neckline just worsens the overall look and leaves one feeling deprived. In that case, the only way to get into shape and fit yourself into something interesting is to reduce the bosoms or make them look smaller. However, that doesn’t mean that you go under the knife. If you are not interested to be on the operation table, you can switch to minimizer bras that could reduce your bosoms to about one or two cups size smaller. Minimizer bra brings about the results by compressing bosoms and hence, you need to be very careful while selecting it so that you can stay away from health issues associated with it. Browse down through the next section to know more about how minimizer bra affects your health and how you can select the proper minimizer bra.

Tips To Choose A Minimizer Bra

    • First thing you need to check is the major brands in this area. Always choose the best brands for best results because, they provide you with bras made of quality fabrics, bands, etc. and also good design that can contour your bosoms.
    • Do not get satisfied with the first model you come across. Be patient enough to spend time to try out different styles, materials and sizes so that you get many options to select from. Always start from your normal bra size and adjust according to the fit.
    • Pick up only the most comfortable one. It should not be too loose that it loses its purpose. Also, it should not be too tight that it compresses your breast more than required.
    • Check how your breast fit within the cup. They should fit snugly in the cups. The more it is compressed, the more protruded it will appear. Try out different bands to get an idea about different type of cups and select the best one.
    • Ideally, the straps should account for only 10% of the support and the rest should be derived from the bands.
    • Some minimizer bras have additional benefit of strong pads in them, which helps reduce the pain resulting from the digging-in of straps into the shoulder area. The pads provide comfort and thus, are recommended over the unpadded ones.
    • Some designs are benefitted with a center gore, which prevents the cup from stretching, and thus, helps maintain shape and fit even after compressing the bosoms.
    • Look for round cups so that you may feel comfortable without being affected by the harness.
    • Make sure the bra has adjustable straps so that you can make small adjustment to make it fit for your bosoms. Many minimizer bras come without adjustable straps that make it difficult to pull it for fine adjustments.
    • Check for specific models that can be adjusted from side to side and also towards bottom. This will provide you with best results, keeping the natural shapes intact and prevent them from getting deformed.
    • It is important to differentiate between sports bra and minimizer bras. Sports bras are designed to hold the bosoms firm in place to avoid embarrassment during exercise whereas minimizer bras are designed to reduce the bosom size.

Advantages Of Minimizer Bra

    • Minimizer bra can be the perfect solution for large breasts. It compresses the breasts and makes them appear smaller than they actually are. It is designed in such a way that it re-emphasizes your bosoms and reshapes them. Thus, it becomes the easiest and most practical solution for large breasts.
    • It reduces the size of your bosoms down to about one or two cup sizes, without undergoing plastic surgery.
    • It makes smoothens the front and eliminates the problem of blouse gapping. Also, it comes with bands and underwire that provide proper support to your bosoms.

Disadvantages Of Minimizer Bra

    • Minimizer bra work on compression strategy; it compresses your breasts to make them appear smaller than their actual size. Hence, tighter bras may impede the blood flow and lymph flow to the blood, which may induce big health problems.
    • It may not be comfortable to wear as it squeezes down your bosoms and exert pressure on them.
    • Over compression of the breast may result in tissue damage and related health issues.
    • You may feel breathing difficulty as well due to the compression on your chest.
    • Over compression may slip out the fats to adjacent areas and thus destroys the normal shape of the bosoms. It may cause sagging as well.

Now you know how to pick up the best minimizer bra that can reduce your bosoms and make them look smaller.