How To Determine Bra Size


how to determine bra size

Are you the one who picks bras randomly from the ‘On sale’ part of your shopping center? Not wearing a good quality or the right size bra can leave ugly marks on your skin due to itching or sagging breasts. During your teen years, your mother must have constantly nagged you to pick the bra sizes with the perfect fit. Well, this is indeed important, as people tend to make mistakes with the sizes easily. It could be also that people tend to pay less attention to the size and substitute fit with ‘style’ factor, which is a grievous mistake. You are the one who knows perfectly what is comfortable. Therefore, you have to take up the initiative and do the needful to make sure that you are comfortable from within once you put on your bra. Today, you have a wide variety of bras to choose from, ranging from strapless to lace bra to lightweight bra, and more. However, it is imperative to find the right cup size that enhances your contours and accentuates your overall beauty before randomly picking any bra. Read on to devise ways to determine your perfect bra size.

Ways To Determine Bra Size

Things You Have To Remember

    • Before you start measuring the size of your bra, make it a point to wear a comfortable bra, which is not padded or ‘pushy’.
    • At the time of taking measurements, keep your back and shoulders straight and remain in a standing position.
    • Do not hold breath or push chest out while taking the measurement. You have to feel relaxed and take it casually in order to know the right size.
    • If you find trouble taking your own measurements, you can ask someone for help, so that you can put your hands down by your side and feel more comfortable.

Procedures To Take Measurements

Band Size
This measurement is to be taken below your breasts. Use a soft tape in order to obtain the band size measurement. Place the tape snugly around your rib cage in such a way that it is just beneath your breasts. It should be tight so that you don’t go wrong with the measurement. Also, make sure that the tape remains straight throughout the entire measurement for obtaining the correct figures. The measurement should be in inches or in centimeters. Enter the figure in a paper before you forget it.

Cup Size
To get the perfect cup size, hold the tape loosely but straight on your breasts over the nipples and measure the full length of your bust. Enter this measurement separately. This measurement will be in centimeters or inches. Now deduct your band measurement from your cup measurement. Note that each inch denotes a cup size. For instance, if your band measurement is 33 inches and your cup measurement is 35 inches, the difference is two inch, and your cup size is B. If your band measurement is 35 inches and your bust measurement is 39 inches, the difference is four inches, and your cup size is D. Refer to this table for better understanding of this.

    • Less than 1” / AA
    • 1” / A
    • 2” / B
    • 3” / C
    • 4” / D
    • 5” / DD

Above Bust Size
Next, you have to measure snugly around your rib cage, keeping the tape above your breasts. Ensure that the tape is in the same level throughout while you measure. Taking this measurement is purely optional as the size of your bra can be done without the help of this measurement. However, if you want to obtain accurate results, you have to consider taking this measurement.

Calculation Of The Bra Size
Now that you have the required information, try on a bra with the above mentioned sizes. Keep trying the similar sized bras so as to make sure that you don’t go wrong with the measurements. If you find the bras you have tried are imperfect for you, you have to consider taking the measurements again. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with what you wear, mark it as your size and go ahead with it.

Tips While Buying Bra

    • If your bra is well fitted, it will give you the required support from the band rather than the straps of the bra.
    • Always make sure that you try on every bra before you buy them. The size in certain brands might alter, so always be on the safer side.
    • In cases where your cup sizes are different, you can opt for a one with the bigger cup size.
    • Never wear the same bra for three continuous days in a row even if it has been washed properly. This is because you have to give ample time for the bra to recover from the stress applied.
    • Make sure you wear a correct fitting bra so as to provide the proper support, which will make you feel more comfortable and more confident.
    • If you are buying under wire bras, make sure that the wires fit in snugly against you ribcage, or natural “crease line”. If the wire seems to poke your breast under the arm or goes up every time you lift your arm, then the diameter of the bra is too small for you. The best under wire bra is the one that snugly fits your breast and gives it a nice, round shape.
    • Your bra strap should fall flat against your shoulders. If it keeps slipping or twisting, then your bra is too wide or your cup size too large for your comfort.

In order to have an idea as to what fits you the best, it is quite essential to know your size. This is done so that you feel comfortable and don’t itch or feel suffocated from within. Also, note the fact that the sizes vary with different brands. Always prioritize the comfort factor more than style that will make you feel good from within.