How To Go Braless


how to go bra less

When the mercury waxes and it is all muggy and hot outside, everyone wants to settle for bare minimum when it comes to clothing. And going braless definitely rules the trend! After all, what could be a better feeling than ditching the close fitting, pinching, underwire contraption and let your bust breathe freely. But again, on second thoughts, the very idea of stepping out without a bra can be highly disquieting, needless to say embarrassing, without any firm support to your bosoms, more so if you are large chested. Sagged breasts, fripples and discomfort are some of the common annoyances that are likely to bother you at first. Also, if you are attempting this for the first time, chances are that you may become overly conscious and spend a good deal of time fretting over your newfound freedom. Going braless could be liberating, but you need to know how to carry yourself comfortably and confidently. Also, you need to understand what occasions are perfect for a braless outing and what are not. To help you pull off a fun day sans bra, here is a compilation of expert tips that will help you maximize your “oomph” and comfort quotient without compromising on your confidence.

Going Braless

Why Bras
Before you ditch the bra, it’s important to know why it’s so crucial for good health. Bras can be pesky, but you can’t deny the compensations it brings on the table. Apart from supporting the bosoms and preventing them from sagging, bras provide comfort by holding them firmly in place. Also, large breasts can be a problem as they might create chafes in the skin beneath the breast due to constant rubbing, if not protected with bras. Sweating can further worsen the condition, leading to rashes and infection. Bras provide good support to the breast ligaments, minimizing the stress on the ligaments and reducing sagging.

How Healthy Is To Go Braless

    • Though bra provides comfort and structural support, it faces accusation of creating some major health issues, which are not negligible at all. However, many of these are associated with regular and prolonged usage of bras, especially of the wrong size. Thus, it is better to avoid bras whenever it is possible. However, going totally braless is not practically possible as social constraints prevent you from doing so. Also, the comfort factor of the bra scores an additional point.
    • A tight bra may impede both blood circulation and lymph circulation to the bosoms. Lack of proper blood circulation may result in poor nourishment of the tissues, which may eventually lead to tissue death and other related problems.
    • Lymphatic system plays an important role in eliminating toxins from the body. Tight bras may compress this vessel and cause improper lymph circulation, which in turn might result in improper detoxification.

What Stops You From Going Braless

    • Obviously, fripples, discomfort and social constrains are the major factors that prevent you from going braless. Fripples or the prominent visible nipples are undoubtedly embarrassing where as the free hanging bosoms can be at any angle considered uncomfortable.
    • Women with small bosoms and not-so-prominent nipples may consider going out braless at times but you cannot even imagine doing that if you have large bosoms. Also, freely hanging bosoms may cause pain, at least for some, can deter one from trying it.
    • One issue for women with large breasts is that movement of the breasts can be painful, especially during menstrual cycle when the breasts are softer and swollen.

How To Go About It

Nipple Tape
If prominent nipple prevents you from doing that, then nipple tape may help you find a solution for this. Nipple tapes are small tapes that can be pasted over the nipples and the areola so that it becomes less visible and distinctive. These nipple tapes are available in various size, shape and themes. They may come with pasties or glue-on cups.

You can consider wearing jacket if you want to go braless, but do not want anyone to gawk awkwardly at you. Jacket provides a thick covering over bosoms so that you can go out braless without feeling too conscious about it.

Vests are wonderful options to hide your bosoms from being exposed when you go out braless. These comfortable undershirts allow your bosoms to remain comfortable and free underneath it.

Is It Appropriate?

    • This is perhaps the most important question. In fact, it’s the appropriateness or rather the inappropriateness of it that often holds one back from letting oneself loose. The answer to this question depends upon the situation.
    • It is definitely not appropriate to go to your office braless; professional ethics doesn’t give that advantage. Also, you should avoid attempting going braless if you are out for a formal dinner or even an outing with parents.
    • However, you can try this out while hanging out with your gal pals who are equally enthusiastic about this experiment. It is better to avoid going braless if you plan to hang out with any senior member or men. Well again, it is up to you to decide.
    • Select an appropriate top if you plan to go braless. Going out braless with a pale or thin shirt may not be that impressive and also, it may create a wrong impression.
    • It is preferable that you cover your nipples when you go out or else, you may become embarrassed with prominent nipples that could be visible even through your top.
    • If you plan to go braless for a party, it would be better if you could find something to push your bosoms up so that the cleavage becomes more visible. This would give you more flattering appearance.

This is how you go braless anytime. Consider the tips mentioned above and just freak out!