How To Keep Bra Straps Up


how to keep bra straps up

How embarrassing it is to see your bra strap pop out in a photograph? The very awkwardness of it is enough to make you go red on the face and run for covers. Accidental slippage is so common that most women don’t pay any heed to it at all. Nevertheless, it can be very embarrassing, needless to say, uncomfortable. Taking into consideration certain basic features, will save your bra straps from falling off your shoulders and save you a lot of discomfiture. Mainly, make sure that you go for a bra that fits really well and holds your straps tightly to your shoulder. Replace the old, stretched, shapeless bras with the new ones, as the worn-out straps tend to lose their elasticity and hence sag. This solves 75% of your problems and saves straps from hanging out. Remember, the answer to this problem begins with finding yourself a right-fitting bra. Explore this write-up to know more about ways to keep your bra straps up.

Ways To Keep Your Bra Straps In Position

Straps Should Be Tight
Actually, the straps of the bra are supposed to provide about 10% of the weight of your bra. If the straps are not held tightly, there are more chances of the straps not being in place. The straps should provide ample support or else you will continuously feel the straps falling back. At the same time, the straps should not be held too tight such that the bra is pulled back. You should feel comfortable and also be carefree. It’s only then when you can say, ‘the bra is perfect for you’.

Get The Right Cup Size
This often happens that the cup size of the bra fails to fit the breast completely because of the difference in the breast volume. You need not get alarmed of such a situation, as it is quite obvious that with age, women tend to lose volume at the top portion of their breasts and hence as a result of this, there is an empty space in the upperpart of the cup. When the cup fails to be completely occupied by the volume of the breast, the straps tend to loosen and it falls back from its current and straps of the bra slips away. The possible solution to this is that either you reduce the cup size or uplift your breasts by placing them properly in the cup to make them stay intact.

Position The Back Of Bra
You might seem to be in a hurry when you rush through the morning hours and put on your lingerie. After you have put on your bra, make a point to correct the back of your bra and pull it back steadily. If this not done, the bra back lies way too high at the back and as a result of this, the front of the bra will tend to slump and is the main reason why your bra straps do not stay in place. Pulling back the straps back will also help you remain comfortable and you don’t have to keep pulling the straps in place in public.

Strap Keepers
These strap holders are in the shape of a bow tie, which could be easily placed under your dress. This way you will be able to secure the straps safely such that it does not fall out from its place and stays tight. Their smooth yet stick free center aids them to easily glide along well, each time you bend, turn or twist. Such strap keepers would help you to secure the straps perfectly that you won’t have to bother about them falling out.

Strap Holders
Today, it is quite common to find the bra holders incorporated in the outfits. These strap holders are designed in the shoulder such that it is pined to hold the bra straps up. This way you don’t have to worry about their position when you bend, as it is sure that they won’t fall out. Here, you have to ensure that your bra fits perfectly and comfortable and is well secured in the strap holders. Along with this, it also necessary to make sure that the bra band is not too large as well.

‘Size’ of the bra is of utmost importance. If you have the right sized bra, you don’t really have to fear about your straps sliding out of your sleeves. Prioritize your need and style of the bra, depending upon the features whether you have small volume of the breast, broad shoulder, etc. Once you consider the factors mentioned in this article seriously, you will succeed in keeping the bra strands up.