How To Keep Static From Lingerie


how to keep static off lingerie

Do sparks fly when your lingerie and your skin brush against each other? If yes, then know it’s not Cupid shooting love arrows, but the nasty doing of the trapped electricity between your skin and delicate fabric of the lingerie. Imagine wearing a lingerie that not only clings to your body, but also sends electric sparks down your skin. Quite a discomforting thought indeed! A static cling occurs when a positively charged object rubs against a negatively charged object and exchange ions. This causes them to attract and go static. Lingeries are thin and delicate and are hence, prone to static, which is why they cling to your skin. Static occurs mainly on dry conditions, when the air inside the home is dry. Besides the discomfort and awkwardness, static can also cause rashes and skin infection. So, if your lingerie snaps, crackles, pops or produces a spark, it is time to zap that static out of your lingerie. The simple remedies given below would surely help you burst the static-cling.

Preventing Static While Washing

    • You can place the machine-washable lingerie items in a delicate bag before laundering it. This bag will prevent any damage to the material. Wash the clothes in the water temperature recommended in the care label.
    • Before you wash lingerie, ensure you check the care precaution label on the lingerie. Some delicate fabrics might require hand washing or air drying.
    • While laundering, make sure you separate the synthetic fabrics such as nylon from the natural fabrics while putting clothes into the dryer. Natural fabrics like cotton rarely develop static build-up.
    • Use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer to wash lingerie items for machine drying. This softener avoids static build up during the drying process.
    • Make sure you remove the clothes from the dryer when they are barely dry. Over drying is one of the important causes of static.
    • If the clothes are still static while they are being removed from the dryer, wet your hands before folding the clothes.
    • Place lingerie clothes flat on a spongy towel to air dry, if machine drying is not suggested. Air drying avoids static build-up in fabrics.
    • Fold the lingeries immediately after drying. You can keep a fabric softener on top of lingeries in the cupboard. This sheet will avoid static-build up in lingerie’s during storage.

Preventing Static While Wearing

    • If you are wearing lingeries that suffer from static build-up, make sure you wet your hands and brush over the surface of the clothing before wearing.
    • You can rub a fabric softener sheet over panty hose before you wear them. This will help get rid of the static cling from lingerie when they are put in the dryer.
    • You can also apply hairspray on your lingerie. Hairspray prevents static from affecting your lingerie as it does with your hair. You just require a quick spritz and can say goodbye to static cling.
    • Apply some normal body lotion on your hands. After this, wipe your hands over the lingerie. The oil content in the lotion will form a static barrier, which gets you through most of the day. Repeat the process as often as necessary though make sure not to overdo it.
    • Attach a safety pin to the inner hem of your skirt which you want to wear along with pantyhose. The metal content in the safety pin counter reacts with the static cling and solves the puzzle. Using a wire hanger also makes the same effect. You can slither the wire hanger up and down inside the shirt and metal wire and it will have the same effect as the safety pin.
    • You can carry a travel size bottle filled with water. Spraying light layer of water over the panty hose or under the skirt gets rid of static cling. As water is odourless, it rarely creates any staining problem and provides a great solution.

Few Tips

    • As some people are sensitive to the dyes and perfumes in fabric softener sheets and some are concerned about the environmental impact of the sheets, try using low-impact sheets first.
    • Anti-static sprays that are sold in your super market’s laundry detergent aisle are a good solution to tackle the cling problem. These sprays prevent static on already-laundered items.

It is very embarrassing if your lingerie clings onto your body, especially in public places. So, avoid getting frustrated again by making use of these simple tips to prevent lingerie static.