How To Lengthen A Bra Strap


how to lengthen bra straps

Straps are important part of your bra — they not only hold the brassier in position, but also make you feel comfortable and secure. However, there are times when you might feel the strap biting into your skin or throttling your shoulder movement, making things highly uncomfortable for you. Tighter bras impede proper blood and lymph circulation as well as cause injury to the skin. Considering the fact that even a slight difference in the length may cause considerable discomfort and health problems, the manufacturers usually provide adjustable sliders along with the bra for the convenience of the users. Some even provide extra bands along with the bra. Now, the question is how to adjust the length of your bra straps using this slider. Well, it is very simple, you just need to slide it up or down according to your need or comfort. This article talks about how to adjust the sliders to alter the length of the strap. Have a look!

How To Lengthen Adjustable Bra Strap

    • Most bras come with adjustable straps that can be easily fine-tuned to suit your needs. It is simple to manage and provides you with great flexibility with regard to the fit and length.
    • Before you adjust the length of your bra, you need to locate the adjustment slider on each strap that can be slid over the strap and adjusted according to your need. This slider is usually placed near the cup and is made of plastic or metal. You can pull the slider up to shorten the length if you want to tighten the bra, or pull it down to lengthen the strap and make the bra loose. Some bras work on a reverse mechanism i.e., you need to pull it up to lengthen the bra and pull it down to make it tight.

Lengthening With A Bra Strap Extender

    • Sometimes the length of the strap may not be enough, even with the adjustment slider pulled to its maximum. In that case, you may consider attaching an extra strap to the bra to wear it comfortably. To attach an extra strap, move the slider to the maximum point.
    • Now, detach the strap from the back, where the strap meets the bra band.
    • Place the bra band around the rib cage where it can sit comfortably. Now measure the length from the end of the original strap to the point where you want to attach it. This measurement is very important because this is the length of the strap you are going to attach to the bra.
    • Take an extra strap with one inch extra length than the measured length. The width of the new strap should be the same as your bra’s strap.
    • Now take the original strap, overlap its end with the new one, and sew the two straps together using a thread and needle.
    • Now, attach the end of the new strap to the bra where the original strap was attached. Do not remove the slider from the strap; you may need it again to adjust the strap.

How To Prevent Sliding Bands
Do you face problem from sliding straps? There is a solution for this. You can get a strap clip and attach both the straps to it so that it won’t slide again.

Bra Strap Types

Thin vs. Wide
There are bras with thick and thin straps. Thinner straps are easy to conceal under your cloths. This makes it an ideal choice for different styles of clothing. Wider straps cannot be hid under regular clothing as easily as the thinner ones. Also, these straps may contain shoulder padding as well which adds to the thickness of the straps. Thinner paddings may be irritating to women with large bosoms because, the weight is distributed along the straps, which in turn causes irritation especially on the shoulders. Wider bras are actually a solution to this problem.

Convertible Bras
These bras come with convertible straps that make it suitable to wear them with any kind of outfits. If you are wearing a normal top, then you may wear it with straps whereas if you want to wear spaghetti or a halter neck top, then you may remove the straps and make it a strapless bra. If you want to create a racerback or crossback bra, then you can fit the straps accordingly to provide enough support and lift to the bosoms as well.

Other Options
Other options among the bra straps are transparent plastic straps that allow you to wear outfits that are more revealing. Its transparent nature makes it less prominent and difficult to identify. You have decorative clear strap options also available in this pattern. You may have lace, extra fabric and more textured straps available.

Now you have learnt how to adjust the bra strap to achieve the desired length. Reminding you once again, it is important to wear the correct-length bra to avoid any ill effects on health.