How To Make Bikini Lace


how to make bikini lace

American humorist Erma Bombeck once famously said, “Women shop for a bikini with more care than they do a husband. The rules are the same. Look for something you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Allow for room to grow.” There is nothing like a bikini when it comes to wowing or wooing someone. In fact, no other warm-weather attire can compete with the sizzling two-piece when it comes to grabbing the eyeballs. And it’s only good that you do everything to make your two-piece look classic, sexy and very flattering. Bikinis can be made to look more alluring by attaching laces around the hem. This gives a perfect new look to this very simple attire. Although there is variety of lace trims available, it’s always good to customize one to suit your style and comfort. Making your own bikini lace at home not only gives you the advantage to tailor and fit it according to your needs, but also gives you plenty of scope to play with colors and patterns. Trail this write-up to know more on how to make bikini lace.

Making A Bikini Lace
Material Required

    • Elastic lace trim
    • Polyester thread
    • Needle
    • Pins


    • First, you should preshrink the lace and bikini top by manually washing them in warm water and then air-drying them. Now, measure the length of the inner ‘V’ of the bikini top. Cut two pieces of the lace according to that measure.
    • Like the lace bikini top, you should also preshrink the lace and bikini bottom in the same manner. Now, cut a length of lace that is long enough to wrap around the top hem of the bottom.
    • Remove the original hem stitching of the top and bottom. You can then use the hem crease as a guide to pin and sew the lace.
    • Turn both the top and bottom inside out and pin the lace to the inside crease of the hemline. To pin the lace on the top, start at the top of the ‘V’ near the neck strings. On reaching the center of the ‘V’, fold the bottom edge of the lace towards you and then continue pinning the other side of the ‘V’. For the bottom, you should start pinning the lace from the center back of the inside crease of the hemline. After pinning, overlap the ends and pin together the lace layers. Then remove the pins from a small portion from either side of the lace and attach them together in a narrow zigzag stitch. After the stitching, cut the excess lace and pin to the inside hem. Now, start from the inside of the bottom and using a narrow zigzag stitch on the bottom edge of the lace attach it. Then trim the excess of the original hemline as close to the stitching as possible.
    • Start from the inside of the top and attach the lace with a narrow zigzag stitch on the bottom edge of the lace. After stitching the lace, trim the excess of the hemline keeping as close to the stitching as possible.

Making Crocheted Lace Bikini
Materials Required

    • Cotton Yarn
    • Crochet Hook
    • Yarn Needle


    • First, you should crochet the bottom, starting at the back end and chaining the number of stitches that is required to reach half of your waist measurement. Go on crocheting evenly for about 2 inches and then keep on decreasing one stitch on both ends of every other row until you reach the size that you want for the patch going between your legs. After the desired length, increase the stitches on the other side to make the front.
    • Crochet in rows to make triangular shaped cups. You should first start by chaining enough amount of stitches that is required to fit the width of the cup. Then, on the ends of every other row, decrease the stitches until the cup comes to a point. In the same way, make the second cup.
    • Now you should sew the center corners of the bottom of the cups together. Then using single crochet stitches about two inches wide, crochet a band and sew the bottom edges of the cups to this. You can use the band to tie the top around your ribs. To make the ties of your bikini top, crochet two lengths of chain stitches and one end to each cup. You can then tie the free ends around your neck.
    • To ensure that the bikini bottom stays together, sew the side seams on it and make two rounds of single crochet stitching at the top edge.