How To Measure Bust Line


measure bustline

Do you wear a correct-sized bra? Well, this question may appear weird to you, but answering this is nevertheless important. You may be surprised to know that about 80% of women do not wear the correct sized bra. Either they are not aware of the importance of it or simply don’t know how and where to find it. Those who don’t know the importance of wearing a correct sized bra, know that it is of great importance because wearing a loose bra may result in sagging while a tight bra may cause irritation by digging into your skin and even cause irreversible damage to the ligaments in your breasts. In short, both loose and tight bras can cause great discomfort and damage. Those who do not know how to measure bust line, this article may of great help. Read this article and learn how to find out your bust line measurement and how it helps you find out the correct bra for you.

Bust Line Measurement

    • To determine your bust line measurement, you need to place the tape directly on the skin, not over the cloths you wear. Wrap the measurement tape around your chest, below arms, over your breasts and note down the measurement.
    • The measuring tape should be flattened and held tightly against the skin, making sure it isn’t too lose or tight.
    • Note down the measurement, this is your bust line measurement. To get the correct bra size and cup size, you need two more measurements—the chest size and cup size. Once you measure the chest size, you can easily calculate your cup size by subtracting chest size from bust line and selecting the cup size accordingly.
    • Combine the chest size and cup size to get the right bra.

How To Select The Right Bra Using Bust Line Measurement

    • You will need a measurement tape for this. Wrap the measurement tape around the ribs, just below the breast.
    • Note down the measure and then add five inches more to that to determine chest size. Note down the measurement and if the number is odd, round it to next even number. For instance, if your chest measures 25 inches, your chest size, after adding 5 more inches, is 30 inches. If your chest size is 24 inches, it will become 29 inches after adding 5 inches to the measurement. As this is odd number, you should round it to the next even number i.e., 30 inches.
    • If your chest measurement has fractions, then you should round it up the nearest whole numbers. For instance, if your chest measurement is 24 ¼, then you can round it to 24. If it is half or above, like 24 ½ or 24 ¾, then you can round it up to 25.
    • Now, wrap the measuring tape around your chest, below your arms, over the breasts and note down the measurement. This measurement is your bust line measurement and it should be larger than your chest size as your chest size is excluded of breasts.
    • Now, subtract chest size from bust line to determine your cup size. If the difference is about ½ inch then you should go for AA cup size, if it is 1 inch then A is your cup size. Select B cup for a difference of 2 inches, C for 3 inches and D for 4 inches.
    • Now you know your chest size and cup size. That just makes the entire deal of picking a bra all the more easy for you. For instance, if your chest size is 30 inches and your cup size is A, then you should get a 30A bra for you.


    • Asymmetric breasts may cause complications in measurements. Statistics say that about 90 % of women possess asymmetrical breasts where the two breasts differ in size.
    • The cup size may vary during menstrual period and pregnancy. Rapid weight gain and weight loss and also some medical conditions like virginal breast hypertrophy can affect the normal cup size and bust line size. You may have to measure your bust line repeatedly in these cases and it may even become impossible to determine a constant measurement as rapid changes occurs. Even breathing can substantially alter the measurements.
    • Some women’s breast exhibit about 10% changes in size and shape every month!

Now you know how to measure your bust line and how to use this measurement to pick the correct bra size. This is not just a waste of time. On the contrary, this is very important to maintain the proper shape and health of your bosoms, which is capable of making and breaking your overall body shape.