How To Pick A Longline Bra


how to pick a longline-bra

A longline bra is a type of undergarment that covers most of your torso, just like a bodice. It’s a cross between your bra and a camisole. The various types of longline bras have varying lengths from the belly button until the hips. Wearing a longline bra gives you a flat tummy, just like a shape wear. Unlike a corset, it is not too tight and gives the same look. Since it runs all the way over your belly, it amply disperses bust weight to provide support to your bust, shoulders and back. It is also believed that longline bras help in improving the posture and add to the aesthetic beauty of a woman. And unlike a regular bra, there isn’t any visible bra line too. Just like the normal bras, they come in various styles, colors, sizes and fabrics. Longline bras are particularly popular among brides and women wearing gowns and cocktail dresses. The longline bra will make you look firm and prevents sagging breasts so that you look your absolute best on your wedding day or any other special event. Here are certain things to think about before you pick a longline bra.

How To Choose A Longline Bra

To determine the correct measurement of your longline bra, ask your friends or family members to help measure you. Wear your best fitting regular bra. Now ask the helper to wrap the measuring tape around the rib cage, just under your bust and note down the measurement. Now add 5 inches to the number. If the resultant number is an odd one, add another inch to it. Now measure the fullest part of your bust and note the number. Now subtract both the numbers to find out your cup size for the long line bra from the chart below.

    • 1-inch = A cup
    • 2 inches = B cup
    • 3 inches = C cup and
    • 4 inches = D cup.

Now, measure the vertical distance from your underarms to your waist. These are the two measurements you should look for when buying a longline bra. Carry a soft measuring tape when you go out shopping or just ask the store assistant to provide you one.

For everyday normal wear, opt for strapped bra that will give you maximum support and comfort. They come in two types — rear closures and front closures. Choosing a style also depends on the outfit you are wearing. For an off shoulder, tube or strapless outfit, try the strapless longline bra that comes with detachable straps. Since there are no straps, these bras come with stretch bands or underwires that hold up the bra from the torso. Longline bras also come in plus sizes for women who have larger bust size. It provides full back and shoulder support with padded shoulder cushions for comfort. Posture support longline bras have crisscross stretch bands that help in maintaining firm posture and avoid sagging of bust and the shoulder blades. This is meant for women who do physical activity or who need to maintain a still posture for long hours. For a more fancy wear, you can look for lingerie styled bra that have lace trimmings and embellishments and come in a variety of designs and fabrics.

It is always best to opt for a skin-color longline bra, especially if your outfit is transparent and may reveal what is underneath. However, young women have fashioned the longline bras with contrasting color sheer outfits to create fancy style statements. You can also match your longline bra with your outfit or gown for maximum coverage. This will help you from feeling conscious about the longline bra being visible under your outfit.

Once all the criterions have been matched and you have found yourself the longline bra of your choice, go to the trial room in the store and try it once. Remember the purpose of your purchase and repeat the activities that you would perform while wearing the long line bra. For example, try sitting, standing, bending and moving around to find the perfect fitting. You can go for stiff boned longline bras if you will be standing and dancing for long hours. Structure that is more flexible will give you ample space for free movement and stretching.

Make sure that the longline bra makes you feel good and comfortable. A tight fitting longline bra may cause itching while an ill fitted one can cause the skin to wrinkle. Choose from a variety of fabrics in cotton, silk, satin, nylon, polyester and Lycra for long and comfortable wear. The perfect fitting longline bra can make you look stunning in a matter of minutes.