How To Put On A Bra


how to put on a bra

Wearing a bra correctly is surely easier said than done. Surprised! Well, if by wearing a bra you mean clasping the back strap under your bust and swivelling it round the back and pulling up the straps, you for one don’t know how to strap your bra correctly. But it isn’t just you. About 70% of women falter when fastening their underthings correctly and comfortably. Wearing a bra can be quite taxing even for a frequent user. Most of the girls are never really taught how to put on a bra properly. As we are often misguided in many things, same is the case with bras too. Putting on a bra is not putting it on your breasts; you have to put your breasts exactly into the cups. Though online websites provide plenty of instructions on the same, choosing an unfit bra that fails to support your breasts would make the instructions as useless as writings on the water. So, before you wear a bra, the ultimate priority must be laid in choosing the correct size of bra. Irrespective of the method in which you wear you bra, ensure that the cups supports the breast to its fullest.

Wearing A Bra

    • Ensure you have a correct size bra. About 80 percent of women wear bra that is unfit. To measure the size of the breast, you can take a tape measure and wrap it over the back all the way to the breasts. Make note of the size in inches. You can also prepare size charts with the help of professional to determine your bra size.
    • It is always preferable to buy a bra that fits snugly on the loosest hook. In time, the bra will wear and stretch so that you can fasten the bra onto the middle and last hook. If you put a bra onto the last or middle hook even in the initial days, it shows that the bra is too long. Then, you have to go for a bra with smaller size.
    • At first, you must insert your arms into the strips of the bra. You can modify the strap if you feel they are too cosy. You can pull the adjustment buttons close towards the cup if you want it to be tight. You can push them more towards the back if you need them looser. You will have to take off the bra to adjust the bra straps.
    • Then, you must secure the lock of the bra on the back portion. As the bra may come in several locks and hooks, it is good to try each combination to see which is comfortable. If you wish to show less cleavage, you must hook the lock, which is closer to the end. As you secure the lock, consider the way straps feel and adjust, as per your preference.
    • You must cup the breasts to raise them and adjust the strips of the bra accordingly to ensure that the breasts sit exactly on the padding. Do remember to check whether your bra cups the entire breast instead of flattening it. You must wait for some time to take note of how the breasts feel underneath the cups. Ensure that the breasts look lifted and fits well into each cup without any gaps.
    • Run the fingers on each straps as well as on the cups to ensure that they are not twisted. This is one of the most ignored steps in wearing a bra as women assume that straps stay straight throughout the whole process. You must run the fingers underneath the cups to check whether the bra pulls your skin.
    • Each time you have go to wear a bra, you must adjust the shoulder straps. This must be done mandatorily each time you wash and wear the bra. This is done to ensure that you get the shape and lift which you deserve.


    • While wearing a bra, you must experiment with varied types of clasps, as some are easy to hook while others are not. A single hook-and-eye clasp is easier to hook than a double one though it has a tendency to unhook itself on a frequent basis while you pull your arms back or make similar movements.
    • Try using bras that have a clasp on the front. However, be cautious, as it may cause itching or hurt the skin.
    • Try using sport bras. They are not very comfortable for people with large-sized breasts and hardly go well with certain kinds of dresses or tops. For smaller breasts and T-shirts or winter clothing, they are really comfortable. The added advantage is they never unhook.

How to wear a bra correctly is an essential knowledge every woman must have. Doing so won’t just boost the health of your bust, but also make your bust look more shapely and flattering.