How To Resize Bras


how to resize bras

A woman’s body undergoes rapid changes during her lifetime. Causes like weight loss, weight gain, and childbirth, etc. can be rightly attributed to these changes. However, upgrading your underthings to match your ever-changing contours could be an expensive bet. After all, it’s unreasonable to toss away your newly bought bra just to accommodate a bigger size. But then, a bra that is too tight or too loose can be an equally uncomfortable bet. In that case, resizing your bras can save you from blowing away cash on undue buys. From resizing your cup size to the fit of your band size, altering your bras is a cost effective option for women who undergo a lot of changes in their body. These alterations and resizing can be done easily at home with the help of basic sewing equipments like a needle, thread or a sewing machine. You can find readymade items needed for tailoring and resizing your bras at any convenience store. Just gather your ill-fitting bras and resize them to fit you properly. Here are some tricks that can be used to resize your bra.

Loose Cups
If your cup size is bigger than your busts, then use a needle and thread to put a few tucks in the cups just below your underarms. First, wear your bra and pinch out the loose fabric on the bra just below your underarms to form the perfect fitting. Using a color pen or safety pin, mark the amount of fabric to be altered. Now remove your bra and stitch the fabric that is left loose near the underarms. Do not secure the thread until you have tried it once. Just put a loose knot and try on your bra to check if it fits you well or if it needs to be tightened or loosened again. If it fits you well, put securing knots on the stitch and the bra will be altered to your cup size. If altering is not possible then, use push up padding in your bra cups, which can be removed and used for all other bras. Alternatively, you can sew the padding in your bra for a wrinkle free look.

Strap Rides Up
This problem occurs when the band size of your bra band is too loose and the cups are tight. To fix this, just hook your bra a little tighter. If you cannot tighten your band size, then use a bra extender, which can be attached on the hooks to create more eyelets for hooking the bra. You can buy an extender and stitch it a few inches into the strap of the bra at the back to provide a tight closure.

Falling Straps
Tightening the straps of your bra is the best option to solve the problem of falling straps. Just pinch and mark the amount of tightening you will need for a comfortable wear. Now sew the strap at the measured point with a needle and thread. For more firm stitch, run a few stitches under the sewing machine, which gives permanent adjustment. Another method is to use the strapper, which is bra strap holder that is a piece of plastic accessory that looks like a ‘H’ and comes in various designs and colors to tightly hold your straps at the back of your back.

Many women with larger bust size buy smaller cup size, which results in the bust spilling out from the cups. This is a common problem with women who have asymmetrical busts, where one is slightly bigger than the other. Spillage also happens because the cups are much farther apart than the busts, so there are always gaps. The center gore is made of stretchy and non-stretchy materials. Just pinch the center gore of the bra cups and put in stitches along the line where you pinched the gore. Put straight stitches or basting stitches to close the gap. This will draw your busts to be placed in tighter and close cups without any spillage from the cups or sides.

You may also face problems of the straps irritating and digging into your shoulders. You can loosen the straps or place soft padded shoulder cushions under the straps for comfort. You can also try the strapless bra. For women with fully endowed busts, always go for wide straps with under wire as they offer maximum support and reduce sagging. As much as possible, avoid resizing as you may not get the desired effect. The best solution to all the resizing and altering is to carefully try and buy the best bra. Make sure you take all the correct measurements beforehand and determine your bra size. You can also take help of the store bra specialist to find your best fit.