How To Shop For A Brazilian Bikini


how to shop for brazilian bikini

The Brazilian bikini is a bikini style, which originated in Brazil. Some might consider this style to be very skimpy and revealing while others consider the bikini style to give slightly more exposure, which adds to their sex appeal. Riding low on the hips, the Brazilian bikini accentuates the torso to a great deal. The Brazilian cut brief has around 10-12 cm of material covering the derriere. There are many types of Brazilian bikinis —the full pucker bikini, half pucker bikini, boy short bikini, micro Brazilian and thong Brazilian. However, it is very important to pick the right one that highlights the strong features of the body and helps to ward away the attention from the not-so-attractable features. Don’t worry there is a size and a type of Brazilian bikini available for all body types. It’s not only the size zero who can sport this, but the curvaceous lot can also look great in this skimpy under thing. Go through the tips on how to go about selecting the perfect Brazilian bikini for yourself.

Selecting A Brazilian Bikini
Whatever your body type maybe, heavy bottoms or a heavy bust or minimal in both the regions, a Brazilian bikini that will enhance the body type without looking tacky and cheap.

If You Are Conscious About Your Weight
Like most women, weight is a major issue to be conscious about. So, if this part of you really bothers you, then there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a Brazilian bikini:

    • Wear a floral print bikini as this tends to make the body and assets look minimal.
    • A black suit gives a more sophisticated and slender look.
    • Avoid wearing straps that are too wide and are low on the legs, as this makes the hips look wider.
    • Opt for a bikini made with Lycra fabric, as baggy swimwear will only make you look heavier and is not a very safe option!

If You Have Bigger Bottoms

    • Go for a bikini that cuts across the butt or if you are confident enough, then a micro Brazilian bikini would be a good option.
    • Dark neutral colors and firm fabric like lycra helps to ward off the attention from the bigger bottoms.
    • Don’t choose prints that have large patterns, embroidery or any other embellishments as this only works in drawing attention to the bigger rear.

If You Don’t Have A Heavy Bum

    • If you don’t have a very prominent rear, then a triangular and a typical Brazilian cut will add more volume to your bums. A thong or a g-string is not meant for you.
    • Bright colors, with beads and big designs or even ruffles would be a good option to add more focus and volume to the butts.
    • Don’t go for the brief style or boy short bikini as this only works towards emphasizing what is not there.

If You Have A Weighty Bosom

    • A heavy bosom means you should go for a bikini bra with more coverage that completely encases the breasts.
    • A halter bra with sturdy bands helps to hold the breasts firmly and gives great support.
    • Dark solid colors with small or medium sized patterns can work to your favor by taking away the attention from the large size of the breast.
    • A bikini with an under wire for support can also be considered.
    • A bikini bra with hooks or clips at the back rather than the tie will help to lift the breasts too.

If You Have Smaller Bust

    • When it comes to swimwear, you are lucky as there are many options. A mini coverage top with tiny triangles can be a very endearing option.
    • Going for some padding or embroidery on the bikini bra can create an illusion of a larger bust.
    • Don’t wear large patterned tops as they draw unnecessary attention to the chest.

With these pointers, you should be able to pick the right Brazilian bikini for yourself. These bikinis, which let you show off, without showing too much of the body, look very feminine and they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a modest frame or a much skimpier look you are looking for, the Brazilian bikini offers the extra exposure for a much sexier look. Enough said, they are also a must for every woman who likes her carefree stroll on the beach.