How To Shop For A Teenager’s Bra


how to shop for teenager bra

Going shopping for your daughter’s first bra could be a baffling experience for any mother, more so when you are overwhelmed by choices. However, having a fair idea about your daughter’s needs and preferences can bail you out. For the first timers, the mothers can start off by educating their daughters on the matter and making them understand the nitty-gritty of it like finding the correct measurements, understanding figure concerns, considering lifestyle needs and personal taste and more. Doing so will not only remove the initial awkwardness, but also help you and your daughter pick the best bra. Shopping for a teenager’s bra might require good loads of patience. However, it’s important that you don’t rush through things, as doing so might just leave you with a wrong bra that hurts, pokes, rides up away from the body, or fits bad. Make your daughter try different styles, colors and fits to find out that one bra that fits her like a glove. Find a shop that has trained bra specialists, who can help you as well as your teen make the right pick. Here is what you need to know about your first bra shopping

How To Shop For Teen Bras

Band Size
The following can be done at the convenience of your home or at the store, if it has a comfortable changing room. First important step is to measure your daughter’s band size using a measuring tape. Ask her to exhale as much air out of her lungs as possible to deflate her chest. Now measure the chest just below the bust by wrapping around the tape. Place the measuring tape exactly at the area where the bra band would lie. Write down the measurement and round it to the nearest whole number. Now to determine the correct band size for your teenager, add 4 inches to the measurement if it’s even and 5 inches if it’s odd. For example, if her band size measurement is 26 then the actual band size should be 30 and if it is 27 then the band size should measure 32.

Cup Size
Make your teen stand in front of a mirror with her hands stretched to her sides like a bird’s wings. Now wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of her busts. Note down the measurement. To accurately determine her cup size, subtract the band size from the measurement of her bust. For example, if her band size is 30 and her bust measurement is 32, then the difference is of two inches. Now use this difference in measurement to find out her cup size from the chart below:

    • 1/2 inch = AA Cup
    • 1 inch = A Cup
    • Two inches = B cup
    • Three inches= C cup

Fit & Style
Teenage girls mostly look for sports bras to give them added support during the high activity phase of their growth. However, girls who are not into much physical activity can opt for soft padded bras to enhance their growing busts. For girls, who do not measure up to the standard women bra size can try the training bras created especially for teens who are just developing their busts. These are also called first bras or bralets. You can choose from a variety of styles like light support bras, which do not have underwire and are meant for teens with smaller bust size. For a teen with a larger cup size, go for full support bras that come with an under wire or plastic boning to avoid sagging. For fancier purpose like bras for dress, padded bras or push up bras will be perfect to give shape and support to your outfit. Let your teenager find the best bra for herself through various trials. There are huge collections of bras to choose from in terms of color and styles. You can either opt for the standard black, white, or beige or go for more funky colors to match their outfit. Also, try bras with lace, embellishments and in different fabrics.

Comfort is the biggest factor when you shop for bras for your teenager. So, if she is very self-conscious and tensed about going to a store and trying on bras there, you can shop online at the comforts of your home. Just make sure you measure her correctly and buy one bra for to wear and try. If she likes the fitting, style and size, you can order many more bras online for her. Avoid buying too many undergarments for your teens as she will soon outgrow them and the teenage style statement is also ever changing.