How To Size Panties


how to size panties

Stepping out in ill-fitting panties is no frisky fashion move! To be honest, nothing can be more miserable than holding on tightly to your sliding underwear or constantly fidgeting to adjust the band of your overly small panties. Wearing an ill-fitting panty is the worst wardrobe faux pas one can commit. A poor fitting not only compromises your comfort level, but also changes the way in which you perceive yourself. Therefore, it goes without saying that the underpants must fit your contours without creeping and ensure it doesn’t pull you out of your comfort zone. The result is – you do not have to spend half of your day pulling your underpants. If you want to avoid this embarrassing situation, ensure you choose the correct size panties the next time you go to a lingerie shop. If you happen to choose the wrong size panty time and again, identifying the perfect measurement of your panty would help. Do remember that sizes do vary a little between manufacturers. Below mentioned are some tips to size your panty. Go ahead and know your size. It could save you so much of trouble and embarrassment.

Identifying The Size Of The Underpants
In order to determine the proper panty fit, you need to know two things: your waist and hip measurement. If possible, choose someone to take the measurements, as the results tend to be more accurate that way. The hardest part about buying lingerie is one that fits well and looks good. The person must be aware of what to look for. Plenty of options are available in style, choice and fabric to choose, nowadays.

Waist Measurement
Calculate your waist by keeping the tape around the natural indentation or break in the waist. If you wish to locate this indentation, you must turn to the side with the groove being the location of the waist.

Hip Measurement
Calculate the fullest part of the hips, ensuring that the tape remains corresponding to the floor. This is your hip measurement. Once you know your two measurements, try determining the size of the underpants. If the calculations represent two different panty sizes, choose the larger of the two sizes.

Natural Fit Crotch
A panty crotch must fit well against the body. Ensure that there is no excessive fabric at the front portion or at the back and is devoid of any binding. If the panty has a front horizontal crotch seam, it must be visible from the front portion and not slip backwards.

Bunching Up Of Waistband
If the waistband continues bunching up and rolling over in the front, it means you have ended up with the wrong size. Then, you can try a smaller size. The right size means the band will stay in place effortlessly.

Legs Are Snug Not Binding
Panty legs must not be too tight that they grow along the thighs. The leg openings must be evenly arched on both legs and make sure that the fabric is not bunched or twisted. If you are still experiencing trouble with binding legs, try using a panty with high cut leg style such as French cut.

Buttocks Is Cupped
Assuming that you are wearing a thong, the proper fit around the buttocks is balanced, covered, cupped and symmetrical. If it is not, it shows that you need a bigger size.

Final Thought On Panties
It is a fact that panties can be kept for years without even getting rid of it. Most of the time it will be covered by clothes and hardly anyone sees them. However, it is always a good idea to check your present wardrobe and ensure that your waistbands are not stretched out, the back does not ride up or seams and the body is not frayed. If it is, it’s time to go for panty shopping!

Finding the correct panty is no big deal. With a little bit of extra effort, patience and planning, you can pick one that neatly fits you and flatters your contours. Following these simple tips, you can make it happen. You will find lot of non-binding panties, which makes you comfortable. By avoiding excess panty lines, uncomfortable riding up, you will find your way to comfort. Go shopping, find your perfect fit panty and rock yourself!