How To Wear A Camisole


how to wear a camisole

This sleeveless undergarment is indeed a wardrobe staple for every woman, given its multipurpose usage options. This feminine garment extends up to the midriff, waist or to the hips. Camisoles are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, satin, silk, nylon and Lycra. Camisole is also called as a spaghetti top because of its thin straps. Camisoles were used as undergarment to provide an extra layer under transparent and sheer outfits or were used as body shaper due to its tight snug fit. However, with the evolution of fashion, today this undergarment has come to be worn as a top or a blouse. The straps of the camisole are mostly adjustable to modify the length. Modern camisole styles have built in bra or underwire support so that you can eliminate wearing a bra. Camisoles have certain dress etiquette attached to them especially for corporate or business environment. Here are some tips to help you wear a camisole and make the right fashion statement with it.

Tips To Wear A Camisole

Under Sheer Tops
The extra layer of camisole under your translucent or sheer outfits will make you less conscious and avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. You can choose from a variety of colors, from the regular colors like black, white and beige to fancy ones to match your outfit. It is best to just place the camisole underneath your top and check it under bright light or out in the daylight to be sure of the color and its effect. Young girls can also try contrasting colored camisoles under their sheer white top and accessorize it to make a killer style statement.

Regular Camisole
A camisole is very comfortable, yet very stylish and cute and can be worn in a multitude of ways. You can wear a regular Lycra or cotton camisole under your sweaters during winters for added warmth and protection without looking bulged. They are also very useful undergarment if you have to wear a low neckline outfit. You can match it to the color of your outfit or contrast it, as you like.

Casual Look
Choose a camisole with built in bra so that you don’t have to add on to the layers of clothing. Team your camisole with a pair of fitted jeans and fancy flip-flops, sandals or a nice pair of sneakers. You can go for a lacy or kitted camisole and wear funky jewelry to complete your casual look. If you want to try this casual look in winters, just wear a V-neck cardigan or a hoodie and leave your zip open to reveal just the lacy part.

Business Attire
You can make a very sophisticated style statement at your workplace by wearing an elegant camisole under your business shirt or tailored jacket. Instead of your formal shirt, try a solid colored or printed camisole. Do not buy bold and appalling animal prints; go for subtle and delicate prints or stripes to add femininity to your otherwise boring office outfit. Avoid wearing silk, lacy or embroidered camisoles, as they are not meant for office environment and may distract people around you and disrupt office decorum.

Evening Get Up
To dress up for a date or a special evening, try a camisole that is embellished with a bit of frill, lace or sequin/ beading work. This can be worn with an A line or pencil skirt. If you have a figure to die for, then what better way to flaunt it than to layer two contrasting camisoles in sheer fabrics with shiny skinny pants, slacks or leggings. Wear your stilettos and you are ready to rock. This look can be further enhanced by wearing chunky silver or gold plated jewelry. For a more elegant evening dress, wear a lacy camisole with a straight skirt or a pleated knee length skirt. Wrap a shawl or scarf around your shoulders for a feminine look that is both elegance and simple.

Intimate Ideas
Camisoles are available in sensuous and sheer fabrics especially made for brides and newlyweds, to add spice to their honeymoon or for those special intimate moments. These silk, chiffon and satin camisoles have deep necklines, are fitted with net fabric and are available in noodle strap, strapless, halter and backless varieties. These also come in lingerie set with matching G-string, thongs, panties or bikini bottoms. Choose from a variety of styles and colors for that special occasion.

A camisole is a multi-purpose item that can be teamed with various outfits to create various looks. You can either buy different types of camisoles for different occasions or buy one or two basic ones. It is best to categorize your camisoles that you wear every day and for special events and dress. A busty woman should normally avoid wearing a camisole, but it can be worn aesthetically when teamed with proper jackets or shawls. Unless you want to attract attention to your bare neckline, fill in the empty space with scarfs, wraps, shawls, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry.