How To Wear A Corset


how to wear a corset

Women have been wearing corset from time immemorial. Corsets have been worn since the 15th century. Made from firm materials such as satin, brocade or cotton, these tight and robust tops embrace the torso from the hips up to the bosom. A correctly worn corset will make your waist smaller, lift, support your bosom, and help in improving your posture. It is also used to create flawless body illusions like making your stomach perfectly flat, giving support to your back and is very comfortable from an orthopedic point of view. Corsets were associated with Victorian era and were a popular part of their period costumes. Now a days, women experiment with a variety of corset styles in their bedroom as a part of their lingerie. With Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce reviving the fashion, corsets have now become a part of daily wear outfits, so much so that people have started wearing them to offices as well. Here are some simple steps to help your learn how to wear a corset.

How To Lace A Corset

    • Wearing a corset is not a child’s play, especially if you are alone and it is your first time. Keep aside at least 30 minutes to just wear your corset.
    • Your new corset would be stiff and needs to be ‘broken in’ just like shoes before putting on.
    • Now loosen the corset lacing to create a gap of 6 inches or more. If you loosen more than that, chances are that it will tangle amongst them and create more chaos.
    • Now wrap the corset around your waist. The corset should begin at the ribs and finish right at the hips. Your bosoms should naturally rest inside the bust cup without any flesh spilling from the underarm, side front and side back.
    • Clasp the front bust buttons starting from the top to the bottom. If you are an expert, clasp the middle clasp first, then work your way up, and then finish the bottom clasps.
    • Move around a bit, lift your arms and sit on a chair to see if it fits you perfectly and allows free movement.
    • Now stand in front of a mirror sideways, reach to your back, and try to locate the loops with your fingers.
    • Once you get hold of the loose end of the loops, gently pull from the very top and the very bottom in an alternate pattern.
    • The best way is to use your thumb to pull the lace and when you reach the middle, you will find a set of loops called the ‘pull loops’.
    • Pull the top of the ‘pull loops’ to remove any slackness of the top laces that you have just tightened.
    • When you have achieved the desired tightness, pull both entire “pull loops” out to nip in the waist and to remove any remaining looseness in the upper rows of lacing.
    • Now to tighten the bottom part of the corset, pull the bottom of the ‘pull loops’ to remove any excess slack from the bottom rows of lacing.
    • Now use both your hands to cross pull the ‘pull loops’ over the arms tightly. Now wrap them around the waist and bring them to the front, in case the corset is to be worn inside a dress. Or else tie the ends of the ‘pull loops’ at the back itself into a secure bow.
    • You may have a lot of lace left hanging at the back. You can tuck them at the back itself. Wrapping your corset lace around your waist to the front can damage the corset fabric. Go for satin or silk lace corsets instead.
    • In many fashionable corsets that are worn as tops, the pull loops are made of satin ribbons and can be tied in front like a bow for an aesthetic look.
    • Avoid eating or drinking too much, very rapidly as it can lead to hiccups.
    • Don’t over-tighten or overdo the corset styling on the first trial itself. Only through various trials would you be able to determine your corset comfort level.

Since you are new to wearing a corset, you may experience “corset itch”, which is a mild skin irritation caused by the pressure of the corset fabric directly on your skin. It is advisable to apply generous amounts of moisturizing cream or lotion before you wear the corset. Also, you can wear a tube top or camisole underneath the corset to prevent it from soiling and skin irritation. Style your corset with a leather jacket, jeans and high heels and you are all set to rock. Business women can team their corset with masculine tailored, wide legged pants and an A-line blazer. The evergreen combination of a corset blouse, skirt and wide belt accessorized with chunky jewelry and cute peep toes is the best summer look, perfect for cocktail parties.