How To Wear A Strapless Bra


how to wear a strapless bra

What looks hotter on women than an open back or a bare shoulder top? Well, selecting just a sexy top won’t do, if you have regular strapped bras to wear under these tops. Imagine how weird it would look if your trendy top expose the straps of your bra! Here comes the importance of strapless bra that allows you complete freedom to wear a ‘hot and trendy’ dress while adhesive bras are perfect for an open back dress. With a collection of strapless bras, it is not impossible for you to be a center of attraction in a ballroom or on a dance floor. However, there are certain things to consider while picking up a sleeveless bra, the first thing being the perfect fit. It is also important that you know how to wear a strapless bra. Imagine if your bra slips down every other second! Nothing can be worse than that. Selecting a strapless bra definitely needs more consideration than a regular bra. Read this article to learn how to wear a strapless bra and also find some important tips on them.

Selecting A Strapless Bra
If you are not planning to use strapless bra on a regular basis, i.e., you are getting it for a specific dress, then it will be better that you purchase a strapped bra with hooked-on straps and remove the straps whenever you want to wear a strapless bra. Again, going for a strapped bra gives you more options; you may wear the straps in crisscross pattern by attaching the right straps to the left back and vice versa. You may also try wearing it as halter neck bra by winding the strap around your neck and attaching it to the other side. Some bras even come with an additional strap so that you can wear it even lower on the back. However, if you are so particular about it, then you may go for an adhesive strapless bra, the choice is yours.

Wearing Strapless Bra

    • If you have banded strapless bra, you can just wind the bands around the chest over your bosoms and hook it tightly so that it remains firm without getting slipped. Just keep the cups on your bosoms and hook carefully, without getting the cups slip away from its position.
    • If it is adhesive bras, you just need to stick it on your bosoms and it will remain there tightly and comfortably. It should be tight enough to be in its position.

Strapless Bra Tips

    • Adhesive bras are the best choice for your open back, strapless or halter neck tops but, it provides little support to your bosoms and hence, regular usage may result in sagging.
    • Usually the strapless bra has tighter bands than the regular ones and this may cause your breasts to appear fuller than it is.
    • It is important to select the correct fit especially when you wear adhesive bras. You are recommended to go for one cup size smaller than your regular size. Poor fit may result in slipping the bra away from place.
    • You should select a bra with best support, good under wire, range of motion and good fabric quality while choosing a strapless bra.
    • Check for gel or rubber-like bands on the interior surface of the bra; these lines provide extra grip that holds the bra in place.
    • There are bras that cover just your bust. It is better not to go for this, instead, buy the one which covers full torso.
    • While wearing an adhesive bra, take care to apply double-sided adhesive strips along with it to provide additional grip.
    • The adhesive bras are stronger than traditional tape so as to hold the bra in position, and may irritate your skin.
    • You should wear dresses that provide additional support rather than wearing something loose.

Strapless Bra Types
Mentioned below are the types of strapless bra, just to help you pick up the most suitable one.

This kind of strapless bra does not have an underwire to provide support to bosoms. Rather than a bra, it could only be considered as just a piece of cloth wound over bosoms. Bandeau bras are the best fit with casual wear. However, if it is made of attractive material, it could be also be worn as beach wear.

Underwire and Padded
This type of strapless bra is equipped with underwire and pads to provide good support than other strapless bras. Padding provides a fuller appearance to the bosoms.

Strapless Longline
This is longer version of the strapless bras and is designed in such a way that it covers bosoms and waist. It provides support for both breasts and waist and thus provides you with better body shape. Bunching or riding up is prevented by shifting the support towards the sides. This bra consists of underwire and pads as well to provide support.

Adhesive Bras
Adhesive bras, as the name suggests, are devoid of straps and bands. They are worn by just sticking them on the bosoms. It is stuck to the body with the help of a light adhesive. It just provides a covering and no support. It is better to stay away from adhesive bras if you have large bosoms because it does not help in reducing the volume.

Mentioned above are some important tips on selecting and wearing strapless bras. The general considerations and types discussed in this article may help you find out the best strapless bra that fits you well.