How To Wear A Triangle Bikini


how to wear triangle bikini

Summer is right here and it’s time to gear up for some beach fun. But hey wait, do you plan to avoid the sea and the sun just because you aren’t amply endowed? Well, you may not have perfect bust like the beach models, but that shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the sand, the sea and the shores when you can flaunt a fuller chest with something as stylish as triangle bikini. True to its name, this triangle shaped cups does wonders to small busts, accentuating your pairs and giving you a more complete look. It is the perfect option for those who are conscious of their flat, small bust. But that is not all. Triangle top bikinis is also a blessing in disguise for curvaceous women who want to flatten their spilling curves. The triangle bikini is tied or sewn together at the center and can be tied around the neck or back. This write-up helps you explore more on how to wear triangle top bikinis.

Wearing A Triangular Bikini

The Usual Method
The triangular bikini can be worn in different ways. Wearing it the usual way will help add simplicity and accentuate your assets.

Steps For Wearing Triangular Bikini, Usual Way

    • Hold the strings of the top part of the bikini and spread it widely in your hands.
    • Tie the strings on the neck, the way you usually do. Secure it properly in two knots and make sure that it is tied properly.
    • Now hold the front string and tie it on the back firmly making two knots again.
    • Now move your hand up and down to ensure that you are comfortable with your movements and that the knots are not too tightly tied. This is important so that you are comfortable and don’t feel as though you are tied up altogether.
    • The next step is to make the necessary adjustments that you need depending on the design of the top. Some bikinis have straps on the top to hold the top tight around the bust line. Alternatively, you can loosen the strap at the bust line and tighten it above. It is purely up to you, as to what style you adopt and you get to select the designs accordingly.

Steps For Wearing Bikini, Front Ribbon Style

    • Hold the top part of the bikini stretched out in your hand.
    • Now, pull the cups away from each other after untying the knots present between them. Then you will have each cup at one end.
    • There are two ends adjacent to the cups and tie them together.
    • Always prefer to tie double knots in the shape of a ribbon so as to secure it by pulling taut. This is to make sure that the ends are firm and they don’t come off.
    • Now, you will find that a loop is formed by tying the ends together. Put your arms through the loop.
    • You will have the ends in the front to be tied. Pull the ends together and tie them into a ribbon knot secured firmly.
    • Make necessary adjustments by altering the ribbon and the band size in a way, which leaves you comfortable to walk carefree.

Steps For Wearing Bikini, Bandeau Style

    • Stretch the cups apart and pull them away from each other.
    • Like the previous type, you have to tie the ends together.
    • Also, tie the other ends together.
    • Put this piece through your head and put it around your body such that it forms a loop around you.
    • Now that you have each cup on either side of your body, tie the ribbon knot on your front firmly.
    • Present the knot creatively and neatly and then you are done with this style of the triangle bikini.

Triangle bikini tops are mainly meant for those with small breasts, but fat midriffs. If you are conscious about your small breasts, then the triangle bikinis are what you need to look simply stunning. They tend to provide your small breasts an attractive appeal. It works with the inverse relation as the smaller the triangles of the bikini, the bigger your breasts looks.