How To Wear Fitted Lingerie


how to wear fitted lingerie

Would you rate going to the lingerie store at the top of the list or are you the ‘sometime later’ types who loves to dillydally when it comes to shopping for your underthings? Well, if you associate yourself with the second type, then this write-up should leave you feeling more upbeat and confident the next time you go for lingerie shopping. You don’t have to pray throughout the night to get the perfect fitting lingerie the following day. You have to prioritize it at the top of the list and obtain the right size, which is mandatory. Also, it’s equally important to feel comfortable and confident when going for lingerie shopping. Be free while going around for the type of lingerie that satisfies your needs perfectly. Scroll further to know what to look for before you start shopping for the lingerie.

Finding Correct Lingerie Size

Panties Fitting Measures
While looking for the perfect fit panties, you might have to devote some extra hours to it, as they are a little more complex when compared to the other lingerie. There are numerous styles of panties available. Depending upon the choice and comfort, you can choose from the variety of styles, patterns, shapes and fit. In order to obtain perfect fit panties, it is advised to take your own measurements. Measure your waist, hip, crotch depth and waist to hip using a tape. Doing this will help you draw a basic idea of the type and the size of the panty that would fit you best.

Bra Fitting Measures
Bra is one thing that you can’t afford to go wrong with. When you consider a bra individually, you have to think about the cup size, the bust size, etc. which has to tally with the measurements of your body. When the cups perfectly fit on you, you have to ensure that the band is not held too tightly to your body and that it is snug. Wear a comfortable bra and look in to the mirror to figure out the possible faults in your bra and try the next big size or a size below, accordingly. This way you will get an idea as to where your bra needs to be corrected.

Bed Time Lingerie
When choosing nighttime lingerie, pay heed to style and comfort. If you like your lingerie to be shabby and loose, you can go ahead with it. On the other hand, if you are the kind of a person who wants to feel tight and cozy when going to bed, then you can opt for a lingerie that is comparatively well fit, but not too tight.

Tips For Proper Measurement

    • Measure yourself every six months as the measurements may vary frequently. Hence, it is advised to write down this for the future comparison and also list the corresponding date as well.
    • The bra should be held firmly around the body such that the straps don’t frequently fall off from the shoulder.
    • The breasts should be comfortably well enclosed within the cup of the bra and this is attained only when the cup size is perfect for your cups.
    • Whatever be the type of the lingerie that you are putting on, make it a point to prioritize them based upon your size and keep them aside. Try each one of them and think about your body before you end up making a decision. Based on the features of your body, you may make the required adjustments and choose the best one that speaks for you.
    • Each time you try lingerie, stand upright and view yourself in a straight length mirror.
    • Make sure that the lingerie you are wearing fits you like gloves. If you find certain parts too tight and other snug, drop it. You may easily mistake this and not figure this out initially. Hence, take your time and have a proper look at yourself rather than picking the first lingerie that catches your fancy.

Buying well-fitted lingerie takes time, but the pain is all worth it. You have to complement your body with the perfect fit lingerie in order to feel good about the way you look and present yourself..