Lingerie For Older Women


lingerie for older women

Good lingerie has always been aimed at the younger and single woman as it has been considered that the sexual appeal is only for this lot. However, that is not how the French fashionistas think. Amongst the Europeans, a woman’s sexuality and appeal increases all the more as her age increases, because age means more experience and knowledge, which is most certainly a factor that attracts many. And in today’s time, aging doesn’t mean losing body shape. Even an older woman is very particular about her looks and wants a toned body, so getting older does not mean losing strength and appeal. While some older women prefer to sport the usual lingerie in shades of beige and white, there are others who love to experiment. And with the number of interesting options to choose from, why not? Go through some of sexy lingerie options available for older women and up your “oomph” quotient.

The Right Bra
The older woman who has given birth and nursed quite a bit would appreciate the need for a supportive bra that is sexy in its own will. After giving birth, the breasts change in shape and require more support. A bra with an underwire, side boning and thick bands helps in giving the breast a more rounded and lifted look. The bra with thick bands is thick on the sides and around the breasts and gives good lift with extra comfort. The vertical boning on the bra also adds good shape to the bra by sitting against the rib cage and under the breasts. There are many lines of bras that focus on the technical aspects that a mature woman’s breasts require. Also care should be taken that the bras have a seamless cup with a thin layer of foam in order to conceal the nipples when wearing t-shirts and tighter clothing.

The Right Underwear
Every older woman should have shapewear underwear, which is a high-rise tight brief that helps to flatten out the stomach and camouflage the fat bumps that old age can give. Also at this age, comfort seems to matter the most. So a pair of boy shorts are just great as they are smooth and don’t even leave any panty lines. Bikini style underwear or a comfortable thong can be real flattering for a woman who is growing older. It might just make her feel great from within.

Besides Bra And Panties
Older women tend to have sensitive mid sections and thighs, which can be out of shape after childbirth. There are many pieces of lingerie that can help to hide the imperfections. Along with masking the belly well, chemises and teddies make for a great sexy piece of inner wear. Corsets and bustier also help to reshape the breasts by pushing them up. The corset is great if you want to tuck up the extra pounds, and reduce the waist to accentuate the hips and the buttocks. Many older women wear the girdle nowadays. The girdle extends below the hips and it encircles the torso. As much as they are sexy, the girdle offers great support and control on the stomach and the butts. They flatten the tummy and lift and smoothens the bottoms. To hide the varicose veins older women have due to various reasons, they can be hidden under a pair of stockings. A pair of translucent stockings can look really smart and the stockings also help to give the rear a firm look.

Lingerie Gowns
Middle age and older women who want a comfortable night’s sleep can wear silk polyester nightgowns. If the mature women want to give themselves a self-esteem boost, then gowns with laces and more embellishments can also be worn. The flannel nightgowns are also a favorite amongst the older lot as they help keep them really warm and cozy. With fuller sleeves to cover the jiggling arms, and slightly longer to hide the cellulite filled thighs, some points need to be considered before picking up the right gown.

So, the older women can feel great from within along with being attractive, elegant and absolutely comfortable. Good lingerie is certainly not just for the young, the older and mature deserve a great deal of inner comfort too. They don’t only have to hang on to the granny panties, but have a great deal to choose from.