Swimsuit For Large Thighs


swimsuit for large thighs

It’s summer again! Yes, it’s time to get cool with rather cool swimsuit and bikinis. But hey, what is stopping you from getting into a trendy swimsuit? Bulging large thighs can be a big concern for you to get into a swimsuit, as you wouldn’t want to expose those sagging masses to the world outside. It is true that large sagging thighs can be an attention puller though not in the desired way. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on all those fun just because of your plump, large thighs. Rather, you should find a way out that would help you enjoy wonderful dip in water without causing any embarrassment. With the right choice of swimsuit, you can enjoy this summer with all its spirit and enthusiasm. Read on to find out amazing information about swimsuit for large thighs.

Selecting Swimsuit For Large Thighs

Color Scheme
You may wonder what is there in color, but sensible selection of color can make or mar your looks and help you look less plump than you actually are. Usually dark swimsuits are preferred for people with large thighs. Light color swimsuit make you look even plumper and hence, should be avoided at any cost. You may try interesting color combinations, but try to get bright colored tops so that you can divert the attention from thighs.

Swimsuit pattern is also very important to make a less plump appearance. People with large thighs are advised to go for high-cut legs. Single piece swimsuits covering up to the knees are another good option for women with large thighs. This skin-tight swimsuit covers about 90% of the thighs and thus, prevents the plump portions from being exposed. Thus, you can achieve a skinnier look without compromising on the comfort factor. Two-piece swimsuits are also good options. You may opt for skirts for bottom because it covers major part of your thighs and thus prevent it from being exposed out. Also, try to wear bright tops so that you can drive the attention away from thighs.

Bikini Bottom For Suit Large Thighs

Skirts: As mentioned earlier, skirt is a good option for large thighs. It hides plump thigh below and make you look thinner than you actually are. You may opt for slightly flared skirt that resembles a tennis skirt rather than going for a tight tube skirt. Other options in skirts include wrap around skirts and asymmetrical skirts, which are becoming increasingly popular because of its flattering effect on plump hips and thighs.

Boy-Cut Bottom: Boy-cut bottoms may prove flattering on large thighs. They are available in one-piece as well as two-piece bathing suits. Because of their straight-across cut at the waist and thighs, these areas get a minimized effect and to add more comfort, the thigh area is provided with extra fabric, which makes this a smoother silhouette. However, you should avoid French-cut bathing suit, which is not that flattering on large thighs.

Ruching: Ruching utilizes a special sewing technique, which creates a rippled look by gathering the fabric. The advantage of this pattern is that the fabric doesn’t lay completely flat on the body, especially on the lower portions.

High-Waist Bottom: These two-piece swimsuits are one of the most popular patterns especially for women with large thighs. This trendy and flattering swimsuit usually comes with a bandeau or a bikini top and a high-waist bottom.

Tankini: Tankini, unlike the bikini or monokini, covers the hips and thighs while at the same time, grants the same freedom as the two-piece wear. Tankini that fits bust line and slightly flowing at the sides are the best option to cover your large thighs and provides a slimming effect.

What To Avoid

Hipster Bikini: Because of its low rise, which keeps the waist even lower than the traditional designs, hipster bikini is not a good choice if you have larger thighs. Though you get these swimsuits in a variety of colors, patterns and coverage, it won’t go well with large thighs because its waistband is closer to the hips rather than the waist. With its low-rise pattern and show-off designs, it would suit women with flat tummy and much toned body.

Thong Bikini: Thong bikini is one of those patterns you should avoid if you have large thighs. Its pattern with only a small strip of fabric provides minimum coverage or in other words, maximum exposure. Thus, this pattern suits a toned, slim body that could be showed off, and does not suit women with large thighs.

String Bikini: Though one of the trendiest and most flattering swimsuits available, a string bikini is not a good choice for women with large thighs.


    • Select swimsuits that drive attention to your pluses rather than those exaggerating your minuses. For instance, if you have large thighs, pick up something that provides maximum coverage to your thighs rather than following the trend and selecting a string bikini or something similar. Your swimsuit should fit you rather than fitting fashion trends.
    • Always pick up a swimsuit of your size. Never go for a larger size expecting that it would help you camouflage your body. In fact, looser suits may cause sagging of the extra mass and will definitely be a catastrophic decision.