Thong Panties


thong panties

Thong, the trendiest and the sexiest lingerie in every woman’s wardrobe, is the best choice for wonderful seaside leisure, be it with your sweetheart or with your pals. With the right thong, you could feel the sun, dive in the sea comfortably, and enjoy your vacation as you wish. However, the comfort factor depends on how you select the thong and how you use it. Selecting the right sized thong is very important because, even the minutest difference could make it the most uncomfortable thing to wear on. Also, a wrong choice of material could make you feel uneasy. Not only this, you should also be able to know the difference between different types of thongs so that you know what is meant for you and what is not. Here is a list of important things that one should consider while picking up thongs. Read on and learn about these considerations.

How To Wear A Thong

    • Wearing a thong is not a simple thing. You should be very careful about how you go about it because even a small mistake can make it the weirdest experience for you. Designed in a way that provides coverage to your genitals, pubic hair and perineum and exposes much of the buttocks, thongs are one of the most erotic lingerie. This specifies the importance of getting a correct sized thong, especially when you use it alone. A small misplace may embarrass you.
    • Once you find out your best size, try it once to reassure that it suits you well. Try it in your private room, which gives you the freedom to wear it at your own ease and convenience.
    • Open the thongs and expose its interior in the same way it should fit your body. Keep the leg holes open.
    • Inset your legs through the leg holes one by one and pull the thong up, just like you would wear a normal underwear.
    • Now pull it up and make it up to a comfortable height. Also, pull up the backside so that the bum strap lays flat on your back
    • The major thing you need to do is to be comfortable with this lingerie because of its specific design that exposes much of your buttocks and there are chances that you may not find it as appealing as you guessed.
    • Get used to your lingerie; wear it over and again so that you can develop comfort gradually.
    • Get used to it. The tricky part is to get used to the fact that a part of the underwear will be wedged between your buttocks. You may feel hurt due to the tight, cutting ends. So, you need to develop the comfort level gradually. You may try it for one hour for the first day, increasing it to two or three hours the next day and gradually wear it all day long sans any discomfort.
    • Once you are comfortable with thongs, you can try more thongs of different patterns like laced, accessorized, etc.
    • Also, try wearing it with all types of cloths so that you become comfortable with it. When you wear thongs, be sure that you wear the side straps slightly below the top of your jeans and pants. Also, try it along with different types of pants and jeans.

General Considerations

Choose The Fabric
You should be very specific about the fabric used in the thongs because, this is something that stays very close to your body and anything uncomfortable can make you conscious and restless. It is better to go for 100% cotton. Other choices are cotton and spandex blends, nylon and spandex microfiber, cotton and lycra blends, silk knits, mesh, and lace.

Consider Color And Pattern
You should be selective about the color and pattern of the thong that you select. There is a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from and if you are not specific, you may find it difficult to select one. So, be sure about what you want. Also, consider the color of your clothes. Don’t wear anything contrast like pink thong under white skirt, if you want your thong to be invisible.

Types Of Thongs
There are different types of thongs available. Have a look at them and select the one that you would like to go for.
G-string: This thong provides minimum coverage and hence commonly referred to as ‘butt floss’. It consists of only a front triangle, which is connected to strings that wound around the hip.
Tanga: It provides better coverage than the G-string. Usually, it covers the front completely while it has higher cut in the back, which usually curves up above the butt.
V-String: As the name suggests, this thong forms a V shape on the back. This also offers poor coverage, better than G-string though.
T Back: As the name suggest, it forms a ‘T’ shape on the back where the waistband joins the material at the back.
Rio: This is a transitional garment that provides coverage just like the high cut bikini briefs and hence, it has a pet name – ‘starter thong’. If you are not sure whether to go for a thong or not, this is the one for you as it is just like a bikini.

Now you know different types of thong panties and things to consider when you attempt to buy one. Keep these tips in mind to make your selection apt and better every time.