Types Of Lingerie


types of lingerieIt may sound a little too far-fetched, but lingerie does determine how a woman feels about herself — comfy, hot or just commonplace. Picking the right style and size that complements your mood and accentuates your curves can make all the difference in that case. The world of lingerie is indeed baffling with plethora of options to choose from. And outlandish names like “baby doll nightie” or “garter belts” don’t make the task any easier. So, before you jump into the well, ensure you know its profundity. Lingerie incorporates everything from demure to decorous, from radical to racy, from feminine to man-friendly and much more. For woman, the benefits of wearing lingerie are infinite. Wearing the apt lingerie under your attire can make you feel desirable and undeniably gorgeous. However, when it comes to buying the right lingerie, most women just don’t know what to buy and how. Do remember that lingerie is not only about frills and laces, but also comfort. Irrespective of whether it is a simple thong or a complete costume, lingerie must make you feel “good” from within. If your drawer lacks some beautiful lingerie, then it is time to explore more about its types and get shopping.

Different Types of Lingerie

A camisole is a short, sleeveless, waist-length vest that can be either worn as a slip, a loose-fitting top with jeans or simply teamed up with a pair of matching panties. You can also crop it to expose your midriff or go for a slightly longer variation depending on your need. No matter how you choose to wear your camisole, just know that it certainly makes for a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Simply put, chemises are simple nightgowns that are short, silky and snugly fit your body. The length of a chemise varies — some end right below the bum while others extend up to the knees. It has thin, spaghetti-like straps, which are modifiable, giving you that sexy, elegant look.

Baby Doll
The hottest lingerie to grace anyone’s wardrobe, baby dolls are short, delicate looking nightgowns or negligees that come with bra-like cups. Soft, flowy and utterly flirtatious, baby dolls are usually made of silk, sheer or nylon and give a good exposure to legs and breasts. A baby doll comes with matching panties and compliments women of any age and shape.

A perfect combination of camisole and panty, a teddy resembles a one-piece bathing suit, although they are available in two-pieces too. Made of either silk or sheer, teddies come in two-pieces and are available in styles like peek-a-boo, halter, embroidered, print, lace, leather, sheer, and pvc vinyl. It usually has a low-cut and the panties often resemble a thong. The cups do not have lines though there are underwires for support.

A bustier looks more like a well-fitted top or strapless bra that goes up to the waist and fastens at the back, giving an impression of fuller bust and deeper cleavage. It clings to the midriff and pushes up the bust, making one look heavier on top and slimmer in the middle. Made of silk or any other sleek fabric, a bustier can be worn with or without panties. Bustier looks gorgeous with an evening dress or something as simple as denims.

Almost similar to bustier, corsets offer a stronger and tighter grip and is laced and hooked at the back. The boning material supports the bust and gives the wearer an hourglass appearance. A corset can be tied loosely for a slinky effect or worn as a regular top. It’s fastened using a lace or hook, though in some cases, garter straps are attached to the bottom for support and to enhance its appeal.

A nightgown or a nightie is one of the most popular forms of lingerie. Generally worn for comfort, a nightgown comes in a wide variety of fabrics and types ranging from sleeves, sleeveless, heights for neckline, backless, and fabrics like silk, satin and nylon. There is also a variation in the size ranging from hip-length to knee-length to all the way to the floor like a negligee.

Slips are worn to avoid abrasion of the skin from harsh fabrics such as wool. What’s more, it also prevents the fabrics from sweat.  A full slip hangs from the shoulders and a half-slips hang up to the waist. A half slip in many cases is used in concurrence with a camisole, and is used as an alternative to full slips. Hence, this definitely falls under lingerie category.

Thongs and G-String Panties
If emphasizing your bottom is what you intend to do, then thongs and G-strings are the best bet. These similar looking lingeries cover the cheeks of your bottom with thin clothing that holds them from one end to another. Referred to as dental floss, G-strings is an elastic string at the back. Thongs are panties, which cover only the front portion and leaves the bottom exposed, covering it by a thin strip of material.

Garter Belt
The garter belt is worn directly on the skin around the waist. You can attach stockings or high-thighs to the belt with 4 to 8 straps dangling from this.

For a beginner, an entry into the world of lingerie is sure to be exciting. For an expert, it is something which must be explored incessantly. So, get ready to light up the next event with your new lingerie!