Why To Wear Cotton Nightgown


why to wear cotton nightgowns

There is nothing quite like slipping into a loose, airy, cozy cotton nightgown before dozing off to a different world after a long day. Cotton, the long-standing traditional textile is inarguably the most breathe-easy, comfortable, absorbent fabric that offers superior comfort. Sadly, not many people overlook cotton when picking a new piece of nightgown. Easy to clean and handle and elegant in appearance, no other fabric really beats the freshness that cotton offers. Gone are the days when cotton nightgowns were associated with grandmas. Today, there are diverse collections of cotton nightgowns available in all shapes, sizes, prints and styles. Cotton nightgowns are practical, comfortable and easy to use. It is not just a cotton nightwear or a sleepwear; designer nightgowns have made a steady appearance in the retail market giving this traditional textile a new lease of life. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a cotton nightgown over others.

Benefits Of Cotton Nightgowns

Moisture Control
Cotton as a fabric has multiple attributes. This breathe-easy fabric keeps moisture away from the body and is gentle on the skin. The porous and absorbent cotton nightgown soaks up sweat easily, keeps the body dry and fresh and rarely ever feels itchy. It allows you a goodnight sleep by keeping moisture from building up between your skin and the nightgown.

The natural fiber of cotton nightgowns acts as a protection to shield the body from heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation. Cotton can trap air between the fabric fibers. It holds the fabric away from the skin which allows more air to be circulated between the skin and fabric, thereby helping in reducing heat and building up the comfort level for a peaceful sleep

Less Allergic Reaction
Cotton nightgowns do not irritate the skin or cause any allergies. It is highly recommended for anyone who suffers skin rashes or any fabric allergies or has delicate and sensitive skin. Wear a cotton nightgown after a warm shower at night to avoid breakouts, bacterial microbe infections, chafing, etc.

Feel Of Cotton
Cotton is the most breathable fabric and tots up as a wonderful sleepwear option in the form of cotton nightwear. The soft feel of cotton on your skin is simply irresistible. It provides maximum comfort. Besides, cotton nightgowns are lightweight, soft, warm and lets your skin breathe at night so that your skin can replenish its lost vitality.

Style And Color Choices
There are wide ranges of different styles of nightgowns to choose from. From the varying sizes, shapes and lengths, there are endless choice for today’s women. You can choose different colored nightgowns also. If you are the simple women, then go for single light pastel shades of nightgowns. For a young vibrant woman, there are many designs with bold colors, patterns and prints. The floral designs will bring out the feminine side of you. The flowy and relaxed texture of cotton nightgowns will put you right to sleep.

Cotton as a fabric is known for its high tensile strength, which gives it a lot of strength and durability; hence cotton is less likely to rip or tear. The high resilience of cotton fabric is ideal for women as they have to work in the house. Manufacturers of cotton nightgowns can weave cotton into a tight slightly dense fabric and add a weather-repellent finish without compromising on its comfort and breathability. Cotton can absorb one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp or wet.

Since cotton is produced from cotton plant that is grown abundantly, it is a very inexpensive material unlike silk, satin or wool. A cotton nightgown will hold up well to laundry pre-treatments and stain fighters even in the washing machine, whose harshness might ruin other delicate fabrics. And because of its high shelf life, it will be easy on your purse and you won’t need to spend frequently on your nightwears.

Cotton nightgowns can be bought to suit the various needs of the women. Cotton nightgowns are practical for everyday use, they are luxurious enough to suit special occasions and are intimate enough for romantic escapades. Once you use a cotton nightgown, they will become your most prized possession, as they are easy to care for and hassle-free to wear. You can also choose environmentally friendly organic cotton nightgowns for soft superior quality cotton nightgowns.