Woman Fashion Sleepwear


woman fashion sleepwear

Unless you are put up alone in your shack, you wouldn’t really like to turn up wearing the same old checkered pyjamas and tee to bed every night. That is so unwomanly! Imagine being invited to a friend’s place for a sleepover and you turn up wearing a ridiculously baggy flannel nightie for the stay. Comfort aside, an oversized, overused, overly warm sleepwear does nothing to lull you into a good night sleep. Sleepwear is one of the most significant, yet oft-ignored part of a woman’s wardrobe. A woman needs to look and feel good, even in bed, and there is no way one should compromise on that. Sadly, fashion and style hardly feature on most women’s priority list when picking a sleepwear. Like all others, it’s always comfort first. Agreed, a comfortable, well-fitted sleepwear can ensure a goodnight sleep; but then, it doesn’t really hurt if your sleepwear feels of satin, has a beautiful neckline and has delicate laces hemmed at the edges. This write-up helps you explore some of the trendiest sleepwear available for women. Scroll down and make your pick. Fashionable sleepwears are worth splurging into!

Woman Nightwear

Nightgowns are perhaps the most popular of all woman sleepwears and as they are often slackly designed, they can lodge any size as well. The miscellanea of nightgowns comprise of knee length and full-length night frocks, which are loosely designed to accommodate women of all shapes. Apart from the frocks, the nightgowns also include flannel granny gowns or hip-length ones and the full-length Peignoir gowns often worn while “combing”, from which it derived its name. These gowns are made from cotton, silk, satin, or nylon, and are embellished with fancy needle works at hemlines and cups. Peignoirs seldom come with panties.

Sheer, sexy negligees aren’t something that most women would wear to their bed. Nevertheless, this flimsy, overtly sexy dress can rightly replace your pyjamas or sweatpants and add some amount of sophistication and style to your bedtime wear.
Negligees were most commonly worn by the French during the eighteenth century. Now a day it is a popular bedroom wear and are designed using sheer and semi-translucent fabrics and are also trimmed with lace or other fine material, and bows.

They are perhaps the most popular of all the nightwears around. These fashionable yet extremely comfortable sleepwears include button-up shirts and lightweight trousers. They are also popularly known as night suits. Pyjamas are available in cotton, polyester, lycra and the more luxurious silk and satin.

Sleep Shirts
These are slackly designed shirts to make you feel comfy. You have the liberty to pick from a wide range of variety as there are sleep shirts made of cotton, wool, synthetic and chiffon. Depending upon the climate and your comfort level you can choose any one you like.

Lingerie was once considered women’s sleepwear has now assumed the position of undergarments. However, they can be worn as nightdress as they are both fashionable and comfortable.

Plus Size Sleepwear
It is compulsory for pregnant women to wear loose and comfortable sleepwear, hence they need a plus size night wear. These include pajamas with long pants or shorts along with a button-up or pullover shirt, extra loose negligees, granny gowns and the nightwear, which carry adaptable spaghetti straps and nightshirts or sleep shirts.

Considerations To Be Made Before Buying Sleepwear

The Fitting And Design
The fit and the design of the sleepwear are the two important considerations that you must make before buying one. Fitting is for your own comfort as you might have to spend your night in utter discomfort if you choose the wrong size.

The Climate
Last but not the least significant factor that must be heeded before buying women sleepwear is the climate. Though cottons are the most comfortable and can be worn throughout the year yet flannels, wool or synthetic are apt for the winters as they provide warmth. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious finish, silk, satin and sheer could be your bet.

Sleepwear Fabric
Sleepwear is made of a variety of fabrics like cotton, fleece, flannel, silk, velour and satin. Out of which cotton is by far the most popular since it is light, easy to wash and maintain and above all most comfy to wear. You may also opt for silk or satin, which certainly is more extravagant and flamboyant.

Some of the most popular women nightwear has been mentioned above. Before purchasing one, you must pay heed to all the detail, which has been provided in the article above, or else you might just pick the wrong one. Even if you have loads of cash to fritter away, yet a thoughtless extravagance is seldom appreciated. Considerations regarding the size, texture, fabric and climate must be made in advance splurging.