Characteristics Of Fine Lingerie


characteristics of fine lingerie

There are certain key characteristics which define fine lingerie and set it apart from the others. With a flurry of new designers, the lingerie makers are putting more and more emphasis on these key aspects of fine lingerie in order to draw all the clientele. Though these are generally more expensive, lingerie certainly deliver wonders in the realms of fittings, comfort, sensuality and femininity, all at once. The first and the foremost intention of fine lingerie is to make a woman feel fashionable and elegant in her own skin, at the same time accentuating the right areas. However, the task to pick fine lingerie may not be easy if you do not know what to look for or what are the criteria. This is where the article comes to your rescue as it pinpoints all the relevant characteristics, which every fine lingerie must possess. Read the lines below to acquaint yourself with all the characteristics of fine lingerie.

Fine Lingerie Characteristics

The fittings of fine lingerie are entirely in the hands of the designer and the intended shape of the piece. Bras may include a full or demi cup with basic, halter or adjustable straps. Fitting is an important characteristic of fine lingerie and it is something that a buyer should focus on when purchasing. In this regard, a designer spends much of his/her time and effort in understanding the female form. Seams are deliberately placed to best accentuate the bust and to minimize or enhance the hips and buttocks.

The most fundamental characteristic of fine lingerie is comfort. While designing lingerie, comfort is seldom compromised for style and a fine balance is maintained between the two. While designing fine lingerie, a special emphasis is laid on the seams and the placement of underwire, failing which lingerie might be uncomfortable to wear.

One key component of fine lingerie is sensuality. While choosing lingerie women not only consider comfort and fitting, but also style and elegance. Most of the lingerie designers prefer to use lace, chiffon and tulle to impart a sensual look. Typical colors of fine lingerie are black or dark red, and often some bras and panties also include small accents, such as fabric roses, rhinestones or beads.

There is no better way to pamper yourself than invest in a good, exquisitely designed intimates and underwear. And the good news is that there is a lingerie for every body type and occasion. For more sophisticated appeal and ultra-comfort, you can consider buying chemises, robes and nightgowns while, if you are looking to sizzle in your bedroom, then corsets, bustiers and bras will work wonders for you. With so many options available, it’s never too hard to find the right one for yourself. The best part is that a fine lingerie apart from sassy style, will also provide 100 percent comfort too.

Every fine lingerie offers you optimum support. That means you don’t really have to worry about bra cups puckering up, underwire pinching you or the straps riding high. Lingerie comes with properly fitted bra or cups that not only hold the breasts at the right angles, but also prevent the risk of infection or poor circulation that are often caused by an ill-fitted bra.

Fabric is indeed an important consideration when it comes to talking about fine lingerie. While thin, delicate fabric might ooze sensuality, know that they could be prone to static. Linen is a universal favorite when it comes to lingerie fabric. However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated feel and look, you can opt for silk, satin, chiffon, rayon, or even synthetic blends. Lace, velour, eyelet, charmeuse and cotton batiste are other options in fabric.

Your lingerie should allow you to breathe; meaning it should allow the air to flow in and out. Generally, most fine lingeries have breathability and don’t hold in moisture. However, it’s best advised to hold up the fabric close to your mouth and breathe so that you can see if air passes through it. Some of the most breathable lingerie fabrics are linen, cotton, carbon and more.

Femininity is also an important component that defines fine lingerie. Some ingredients of fine lingerie include delicate pieces of lace and thin, silky ribbons, etc. These elegant touches to lingerie help to accentuate the femininity of the undergarment.

Next time when you are out to buy lingerie, do look out for these important considerations that make the lingerie what it is — a garment of fine comfort. Hope, this write-up has helped you to find out the characteristics of fine lingerie.